The English fourth-division football team Forest Green Rovers has received planning permission to build the world’s first football stadium, which is said to be made almost entirely of wood.

The so-called “Eco Park” is said to have 5000 seats and, according to the club’s website, will be the “greenest football stadium in the world”. The stadium is known as a state-of-the-art wooden stadium. It is said to have two playing fields, one of which should be accessible to the local community.

“If we start construction tomorrow, the stadium will be finished in three years,” said club president Dane Vince. It took five years to get approval, said Vince. At the beginning of the year, the construction plan was rejected due to concerns about noise and increasing traffic.

The rovers have been strongly committed to environmental protection and sustainability in the past and were recognized in 2017 as the world’s first vegan football club. Half of the players’ jerseys are made of bamboo and the shin guards are also made from the material.


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