“We must imagine someone very different from whom we remember in the circuits,” says a prestigious Italian neurosurgeon.

Schumacher, with the colors of Ferrari, in a file image.

On Sunday, six years of Michael Schumacher’s ski accident at Meribel’s alpine station were completed. The mystery continues to surround the state of health of the world champion of Formula 1, especially after the enigmatic message released last week by his wife Corinna: “Big things always start with small steps. Many small particles can form a large mosaic,” he said. to fans who launched a support page calledKeep Fighting Michael.

A few days after these words from Corinna, the prestigious neurosurgeon Nicola Acciarri offered some clues to the possible state of theKaiser, treated with all the medical attention in his Swiss house in Gland. “We must imagine someone very different from whom we remember on the circuits,” revealed the portalmotorsport.comThe Italian doctor.

Acciarri, a great fan of Formula 1, also speaks of “an organic, muscular and skeletal framework that has been very changed and deteriorated” because of the “brain trauma” suffered after the impact against a rock. Also, the surgeon at the Bellaria Hospital in Bologna talks about “360 degree care.”

Stem cells

These continuous care, according to Acciarri, especially affects physiotherapy sessions against “muscular atrophy, tendon disturbance, osteoporosis and even organic disorders.”

Remember that last September, Schumacher was transferred to Paris to be admitted for a few hours at the Georges-Pompidou Hospital. According to the newspaperLe parisien, everything is due to a revolutionary treatment with stem cells. However, Acciarri also did not want to be too optimistic in this regard.

“Today these types of therapies with stem cells are experimental. There is nothing concrete and widespread,” he says of the work of cardiac surgeon Philippe Menasch.

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