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Dancing – records in four-four time – sports in the region


The Boogie Magic's around the successful teenagers Theresa Sommerkamp and Elian Preuhs dominate the German Championships in Bad Füssing like no club before them.

Sometimes, when Elian Preuhs did not fall directly to bed from a desk after a day of school, dinner and subsequent study, he sent a text message. If the recipient does not want to dance with him in the short term? Theresa Sommerkamp almost always felt like it. But it was far too rare for him to write one of these messages.

Since the kindergarten age, the two 19-year-olds dance together, in their case that meant eventually to train together at least five times a week. So they became Boogie Woogie Youth World Champion. But Elian Preuhs is ambitious not only in sports. With a graduating high school graduation, he found that he would not get school and dance in parallel with full commitment, so the two decided a one-year break. "Theresa knew how to use the time quite well," reports Preuhs. Not that she had to recover from her partner, but there had been all sorts of private things that she had not done well during her tournament career. Preuhs himself used the time-out to end his school career with a cut.

In this respect, it was more than amazing that their two names were engraved last Sunday on the Challenge Cup for German champions. For almost a year they had perhaps danced together, no more than twice a week, no performances. They lacked routine. Although they had been catching up since the summer, working their way up to competitive sports, practicing new figures, they still said to themselves before the trip to the German Championships in Bad Füssing: "This is not our year." They were relaxed, says Elian Preuhs, not free of expectations, but free of pressure. In 2020, they would have wanted to attack. They were only 19, they said they had time. Their main competitors are over 30. Now their two names were on this cup, but of course not all the stories behind their victory, or better: all the stories they had written with their club. For example, on Sunday for the fifth time in a row the dancing couple have become German champions, four times in youth and now immediately afterwards in the Main Class, ie in the adult class. This makes them the youngest German champions in the history of this class. "It was very emotional," says Preuhs.

Theresa Sommerkamp and Elian Preuhs have made history with their club.

(Photo: Anita Windsberger / oh)

The championship was a special one anyway. A few days earlier, Wolfgang Steuer had died, who not only promoted and shaped Rock 'n' Roll and Boogie Woogie around Munich like no other, even as a World Federation president. Sommerkamp and Preuhs had already had their first appearances as children. In Bad Füssing he was thought in a minute's silence, moderator in the hall was Elian's father and coach Johann Preuhs, the tax was the founder of Boogie Magic's Hohenbrunn for decades closely connected. And then her personal jubilee also arrived: a few days later, this Thursday, her first joint tournament is exactly the tenth time. This made the teens, with the exception of seniors, the longest-serving couple in the field, as Preuhs grinned. It is her eleventh tournament season.

But that was not the record, on the contrary. In the preliminary round they danced right next to the favorites Valerie Reiß and Christoph Pecher of the boogie-smithy Kirchdorf, the local heroes. They took the lead by four points, halving in the slow finals, where they had some bad luck with the song. Before the fast final, the conclusion of the tournament, there was enormous tension in the air, because after their Boogie Magic's had already won the German title of the formations in November, it was now the World Cup second Nicola Götzner and Paul Siegl succeeded, the youth class to win – as the successor of Sommerkamp / Preuhs. For the seniors, Cornelia Versteegen and Stephan Eichhorn had caught the title for Hohenbrunn, for the sixth time in a row. Also a record. And it was clear that if Sommerkamp / Preuhs were to score their lead, this would be the first time that a club would conquer all four titles. And that's exactly what succeeded.

All winners including trainer couple Preuhs.

(Photo: Anna Sommerkamp)

Elian Preuhs now has more time again. Up to seven times a week, he trains while trying to orientate himself professionally. One of his projects: He himself wants to organize the upcoming Bavarian championship, next April in Oberpframmern, where his family lives. Event management could become a possible profession. By the way: The name Doris Preuhs, his trainer and mother, has been on the trophy several times. One suspects it: that has never happened before.

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