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College Playoff Football Ratings: There is no change at the top


The top 10

Here's the way to the playoff for the top 10, with the total ratings below:

1. Ohio State (12-0): Saturday vs. Ref. 8 Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game (8 p.m., Fox)

2. LSU (12-0): Saturday vs. Ref. 4 Georgia in the SEC championship game (4 p.m, CBS)

3. Clemson (12-0): Saturday vs. Ref. 23 Virginia in ACP championship game (7:30 p.m, ABC)

4. Georgia (11-1): Saturday vs. Ref. 2 LSU in SEC championship game (4 p., CBS)

5. Utah (11-1): Friday vs. No. 13 Oregon in PAC-12 championship game (8 p.m, ABC)

6. Oklahoma (11-1): Saturday vs. No. 7 Baylor in a major 12 championship game (noon, ABC)

7. Baylor (11-1): Saturday vs. Ref. 6 Oklahoma in a major 12 championship game (noon, ABC)

8. Wisconsin (10-2): Saturday vs. No. 1 Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game (8 p.m., Fox)

The cases

Here's a look at three results, based on different chaos levels:

Light free from chaos (or at least light chaos)

  • Ohio State and Clemson meet, as expected. (You prefer 16½ and 28½ points on Tuesday evenings).
  • Georgia meets LSU.

It is difficult to see Utah or the Baylor-Oklahoma winner leapfrogging two CSS-one teams – Georgia and LSU in this case – to push into the final four. Consider the Bulldogs regime if this situation emerges: More than 10-2 Notre Dame, 10-2 Florida, 9-3 Auburn (which struck Alabama) and 12-1 LSU would win. The Tigers would have a single loss to the team who have all these amazing achievements.

  • Ohio State and Clemson won.
  • LSU blows Georgia.
  • Utah meets Oregon.

Under this scenario, the committee between Utah and the Oklahoma-Baylor winner will probably choose the fourth spot alongside Ohio State, Clemson and LSU. Of the three, the edge could be at the Utes: They allowed seven points or less in five of their seven regular seasons regular seasons, and only one of their eight victories had lost they are in Southern California on 20 September. Utah has the best defense at 56.3 yards per game, which is almost 15 yards better than No. 2 Georgia, and the offense steps 10th respect in metric efficiency SP + Bill Connelly.

Will the committee be wary of all the less competitive Graduates in two of its three presentations? Baylor looked at two of his previous games, hitting Texas and Kansas with 85-16 in tandem, but the previous game against Oklahoma, and the bears also have tough bugs on the lights. less Texas Tech, West Virginia and TCU.

  • Virginia meets Clemson.
  • Wisconsin meets Ohio States.
  • LSU blows Georgia.
  • Oregon meets Utah.
  • Oklahoma and Baylor play a tight game.

This is not as complicated as it seems, at least for three of the options. It is likely that Clemson and Ohio State are even entering one loss, although the Tigers team may remain in demand. schedule. But when considering the sovereignty of the last Clemson season – from one point escape against North Carolina on 28 September, the Tiger had the least win – the committee will probably give him a pass. . Much of the same thing can be said about Ohio State: Apart from winning 11 points on Penn State, there are few challenges given to the Buckeyes. The LSU would be abolished in this case to take part in Ohio State and Clemson.

This leaves the fourth option, where the committee will find trouble. If Oklahoma meets closure, does it take a one-loss team with badly protected people and two narrow wins over Baylor? If Baylor meets close, does it take team Bears any losses that could not be a series of seasons to split to Oklahoma alone? Or would he take the Wisconsin team with two losses she would have won over Ohio State, Minnesota and Michigan? Or two loss of Georgia with its résumé is still very good?

A team would lose two losses that would make new ground play. A two-person Power loss champion, who would also be pioneering, would be selecting a two-loss team and would pour gasoline into the argument that the playoff should be extended to eight teams.

The total ratings

21. Appalachian State (11-1) t

22. Southern California (8-4)


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