In the basketball Bundesliga two players appeared for the first time on Monday evening, who were equipped with a small microphone on the jersey.

Bamberg’s Elias Harris and Bavaria’s Vladimir Lucic were on the floor with the “Wired” technology known from the NBA, so that the audience could later hear what the two professionals had said during the game. “I hope I didn’t swear too much,” said Harris and Lucic in unison after the game.

While Lucic kept arguing with the referees, Harris also joked with Bayern’s Alex King. «Both of us here on the floor. These are good times for the league, ”Harris said to King, who couldn’t help laughing.

«It was an interesting experience. I hope the fans enjoyed it, ”Harris concluded. “This offers the spectators an additional opportunity to be very close to the players,” said BBL Managing Director Stefan Holz. Bayern won the game 82:76.


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