The German 1500 meter junior champion Jana Reinert is new at LG Stadtwerke.

“Definitely!” Says Jana Reinert without thinking too much. What else, after all, you have to do something at the turn of the year – so why not something so obvious? The 21-year-old does not say all of this, but it already resonates in her voice. The question she had asked was whether after the triple triumph that the 800-meter runner of LG Stadtwerke Munich celebrated at the German championships in Berlin last August, a fourfold victory would be her goal. Reinert’s answer comes quickly and naturally. “Our trainer would definitely be happy,” she adds.

Your trainer Andreas Knauer, who looks after the successful Munich running group together with Jonas Zimmermann, answered the same question a little more reservedly. That one-two-three victory was something outrageous, Christina Hering ahead of Katharina Trost, her long-term rival last season; and with a little distance behind it Mareen Kalis, also for Munich. Total dominance. “How Mareen unpacked her sprint was a great thing,” said Knauer, looking back to then list a few competitors who could also compete for the top positions next year. Such an undertaking would be “extremely difficult”, he sums up – so it’s best not to talk about it at all. Whereby: “A huge deal” would be the places one to four, of course, he has to admit, “a really hot story.” Especially since you could use completely different team tactics in such a race in the future. All of these are thoughts that have come up automatically now that it has been official that Jana Reinert is leaving LG Karlsruhe at the turn of the year and moving to LG Munich.

German U23 Championships Wetzlar 16 06 2019 winner over 1500m Jana Reinert LG Region Ka

Due to intervertebral discs over the longer distance, Jana Reinert won the German championship over 1500 meters in the U23 age group in June.

(Photo: Axel Kohring / imago)

It was not really surprising. Reinert is studying law in Munich, third semester. She has been training here for a year, and she already knew the Munich running group well from joint training camps. She said she felt too connected to her old club to make the change a year ago, and that she was also part of a promising season there. But now her life has been predominantly in Munich, since it is “only fair” for coaches and training colleagues, to belong officially in the future, she thinks. So the German junior champion has now joined the group over 1500 meters, who then answers very quickly and naturally to another question: “800 or 1500 meters?” – “800!”

Because of a herniated disc, she recently chose the longer distance, Reinert explains, as soon as its after-effects were completely eliminated, she would prefer the shorter distance again. That is, the one on which she is in direct competition with the other three, very much like Katharina Trost, 24, who could also run both, but most recently chose the 800 meters on which Christina Hering has been collecting her titles for years.

Personal details in Munich athletics

Shortly before Christmas, it was really noticeable that an old season had ended in Munich’s athletics, a new one was coming up and, as is customary, all sorts of personal details had arisen in between. Because the shot putter Valentin Döbler no longer competed in the traditional Christmas shot put by TSV Munich-East. The long-standing beacon of hope of LG Stadtwerke München in this discipline ended his career at 23, who could no longer be expected to take him so far that it would be worth continuing. Christian Zimmermann from Kirchheimer SC won the competition with 18.75 meters, in the junior class with the five-kilo ball the discus specialist Alexander Schaller duped his LG colleagues with 18.72 meters.

Döbler’s farewell is far from everything that has changed in terms of personnel in the Munich athletics community. The entry of the middle distance runner Jana Reinert (large text) from the LG Region Karlsruhe is certainly the most well-known name that appears on the credit side. Coach Johanna Schneider will look after the all-around and strong long jumper Denise Jaeschke, 18, who was Bavaria’s third best heptathlete with 4698 points in 2019 in the first U-20 year and will return from TSV Schleißheim after a one-year interlude. Especially in the sprint groups, some new, young faces have appeared. Eddie Reddemann, 16, strengthens the group around coach Michael Ehrenreich. He was previously active for TSV Vaterstetten and in 2019 belonged to the Bavarian U-18 top over 100 (11.07 seconds) and 200 meters (22.23 sec). The coaching duo Jonas Wahler / Christian Schlüter now coaches three other sprint talents: Lorenz Hamburger, 15, comes from TSV Vaterstetten, Daniel Graßl, 17, after a one-year competition break from MTV Ingolstadt and Lorenz Lauerbach, also 17, from ESV Munich.

In the medium and long-haul range, the LG has two new supervisors, namely Michael Wilms, who has remarkable best times even from 400 meters to marathons, and Clemens Bleistein, eighth of the 2018 World Indoor Championships over 3000 meters. From now on, they are creating training plans for Tobias Tent, 14, who moved from LC Tölzer Land to Munich, and for Luca Haller, 15, previously LG Oberland.

The Munich LG middle stretchers Sebastian Gleißl and 400-meter man Linus Wiedenbauer, who have switched to the support association of the LG Regensburg, have left. Sprinter Louise Wieland, 19, will start for Hamburger SV due to her studies. From now on, sprinter Charlene Keller and middle stringer Jasmin Swedan will wear the TSV Graefelfing jersey. Sprinter Nicolai Trageser joined the sprint team Wetzlar. Discus thrower Florian Ertl, 16, has ended his athletic career due to the high expenditure of time. Andreas Liebmann

Reinert is used to duels with the others. Most recently, it was mainly Kalis, with whom she had chased the norm for the U-23 European Championship – to no avail. “We were on a level,” she says, exactly for a long time: both set their season best of 2: 04.90 minutes in May, before Kalis needed nine hundredths of a second less in Berlin in August. Now it was important for both, Knauer said, to get to the 2: 03.50 as quickly as possible, which would give them further support in the perspective squad after the U 23.

Knauer describes the petite Jana Reinert as a “lively person”, she sees herself as a “fiery” runner. “Everyone has their own strengths,” Knauer compares. Katharina Trost, for example, has this feeling of speed, almost like an internal clock that she follows. Reinert needs to be bridled. Beyond the train, the four have a lot in common. “Very clever, determined, well organized,” Knauer calls his runners. Kalis, medical student, 1.0-Abitur, used to play in the orchestra; Hering, also a high school student, played the flute, studied management; After a scholarship in the United States, Trost switched to elementary school teaching, and she mastered her successful year 2019, which culminated in the World Cup semi-finals, in parallel with the state examination. “We all have a similar wavelength,” says Reinert, graduation 1.4, piano. “Studying is just as important to us as sport. We know that we also have the support of our trainers there and the confidence that we always try to reconcile everything.”

Jana Reinert got into this group very quickly, so well that it felt very strange at the end of July when the others in Ulm won the German title as a 3 × 800-meter relay and she was seventh with Karlsruhe. Of course, the options are now also increasing for the relay teams. “I’m definitely happy to finally be able to run with the girls,” emphasizes Reinert. And it’s not even about places and medals.



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