Arturo Vidal said in an interview to TV3 a few weeks ago that based on his prominence, his future at Barca should be reconsidered. The Chilean has Inter Milan as the main pretender, but the intention of the club and the technical area is to at least finish the course at Barça, although a good deal would be studied (and received) with good eyes for the club treasury. Vidal is Ernesto Valverde’s main wild card: the Chilean midfielder has played in 19 games out of a total of 24, and has become the team’s fourth highest scorer with five goals. He played the 90 minutes in the middle of the field yesterday, as he shared ownership with Aleñá and Sergio Busquets.

Arturo Vidal does not assimilate to the idea of ​​a midfielder with the virtues needed to be a starter in a team like Barça. He is non-methodical and does not stand out precisely for being delicate with the ball. But just as it is a reality to see that Barça de Valverde dominate more in batters than in control of the ball, it is also true to say that, in this context, Vidal has useful attributes in the eyes of the Barça manager.

The Chilean is a poor midfielder, because of his nature of looking ahead and embedding himself in attacking positions coming from the second line, a factor that adds surprise in Barça’s offensive construction and that Valverde often uses to break through. party or in front of teams that fold with closed defenses, as was the case yesterday with Alava.

The arrival from the second line is also a feature of Aleñá, a much less experienced and explosive footballer than Vidal, but more knowledgeable about the game of Barça due to his training at the squad. Valverde yesterday praised both of them when asked about the Chilean’s tendency to embed himself in attacking positions: “The coaches try to adjust the characteristics of the players. It is true that Vidal appears everywhere: now on the right, now on the left, in the middle … and often it is difficult to order, but we also need players like that. It brings a lot of danger with their arrivals from the second line. Like Aleñá, who also has a lot to come. Having footballers like that, giving us those options, is really good for the team. ”

“I have Arturo Vidal and Aleñá”

The Barça manager, who always throws balls away when asked about possible departures or arrivals, seemed to go a step more than usual when, after the game, he let go that has both Arturo Vidal and Carles Aleñá. by the time the team returns from Christmas break. The team will be re-training on December 29 and the winter signing market opens on January 1.

“Many days ago you asked me about Vidal’s departure. It reminds me of the game we had to play in Miami, which was talked about a lot and in the end we didn’t go there. Vidal is a player of ours, we count on him, he is playing, today [per ahir] has scored a goal … We do not venture into the future, “added the coach when asked directly by Inter Milan’s interest in the Chilean footballer.

In his second year at Barça, Arturo Vidal has scored 5 goals in 19 appearances. Only Messi (13), Suárez (10) and Griezmann (7) have done more. The Chilean is a short midfield midfielder for Barça, a strange body. But in Barça de Valverde, often more than scoring goals, Vidal does.



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