News VIDEO: Trump takes off the boo thorn in stadiums...

VIDEO: Trump takes off the boo thorn in stadiums with a tremendous baton in Alabama


President and first lady Melania Trump greeted smiling fans

VIDEO: Trump takes off the boo thorn in stadiums with a tremendous baton in Alabama

The president went to Alabama on Saturday.

Twitter video capture

President Donald Trump the thorn was taken from the boos he has received in stadiums and sporting events with a club in Alabama.

A reporter of Breitbart public the video that adds more than 5.5 million views on Twitter. The images were retweeted by President Trump.

“What an amazing game and place!”, the president wrote, who a few weeks ago received Boos in Washington, D.C.

President Trump attended his third major sporting event in 13 days on Saturday, traveling to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to see the clash between Crimson Tide teams and the LSU Tigers.

Republican Trump and the first lady Melania Trump, sitting on a balcony, they were introduced to the crowd at Bryant-Denny Stadium, just before the game began.

The couple received considerable cheers, with some mixed boos, but most batons.

Alabama is a republican entity and the president has been huge meetings. Even critics pointed out that the sporting event was an act of re-election, but it was not so.


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