Rugby Tough sanction for Saracen's salary violation should act as...

Tough sanction for Saracen's salary violation should act as a wake-up call


Nigel Wray is unequivocally one of the good guys, a rugby man whose heart is in the right place. Since taking over the Saracens in November 1995, an unprepossessing club that once played in a Southgate public park has become one of rugby's most successful institutions.

But make no mistake, for 24 years when the multimillionaire real estate developer has been at the helm of Saracens, money has provoked their success. It's not the whole story – the club's wonderful community roots are transformed into an excellent academic system and a Saracens school – but the foundation for success is built on cold, hard cash.

I had a ringing place to witness the root-and-branch transformation of Sarries after …



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