The president of Barakaldo denounces an assault on a club official

The Barakaldo Management Board is again coerced by a group of radicals. He let it know Orlando Sáiz, president of the manufacturing entity At the end of the meeting at a press conference. The president said that after the end of the game, a group of about twenty or thirty fans approached the stand where several members of the Board of Directors were located next to their families, including minors. «They have addressed there with insults, hitting blows, throwing firecrackers and there has even been an assault on a manager», he pointed out. The culprits have already been identified by Ertzaintza, the president said.

He Barakaldo lives a very delicate institutional situation due to the sanction of 900,000 euros by the Social Security that the black and white box must pay before November 30. This bad weather has caused the current Management Board to receive insults, threats and even that a manager has received an assault by a group of approximately 20 or 30 people. Orlando Sáiz wanted to remember that "we do not want to continue since February and there have been two elections to which no one has appeared." The president presented his resignation, but there has been no iron that he wanted to take over. In addition, he indicated that "the five managers that are here do not work on this and we do not have to endure this." "We will not allow it again," he repeated several times.

The Board of Directors chaired by Orlando Sáiz already experienced a similar situation two and a half years ago. At that time, the Board of Directors decided to dispense with the services of David Movilla as coach and sports manager of the club. That decision divided the fans and some of them charged against the leaders. At that time, Orlando Sáiz was forced to file a complaint for insults and threats and even meant that the president had to go escorted to Lasesarre. "The same thing happened two years ago and I had to come escorted to a soccer field, this will never happen again," said Sáiz. On November 18, an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held to discuss the issue of the penalty received by the club. Another point of the day of this assembly is 'situation of the Management Board'. "On November 18 we will make a final decision on what is happening in this club," the president has launched, sensing the possibility of resigning from office.


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