The Premier is dyed red

The English league is dyed red after Liverpool's extraordinary victory against Manchester City. Jürgen Klopp won the game against Pep Guardiola and his players applied his coach's method. That which is based on noise and fury, lightning and thunder, physical and aim. The European champion and Premier leader increases his difference to nine points over the set citizen , which falls to fourth place behind Leicester and Chelsea. But it is fair to say that the meeting, fantastic, could go otherwise. Liverpool had more success but also more fortune at key moments. For example, in controversial moves. City claimed, with arguments, two hands of Alexander-Arnold within the area that were not decreed as a penalty. Anfield was again elusive for the Guardiola team, which has not won there since 2003. In the record between Klopp and Pep, nine victories for the German, seven for the Catalan and two draws.

The party promised and met expectations from the second one. No minutes of scoring or speculation. Liverpool and City entered like lions out of a cage. To eat the grass. Guardiola's dominating the ball and forcing fouls and corners. Klopp's on the run. Soon a rumble came. The play married the controversy because the goal of the European champion was preceded by a possible penalty in the other area. The ball hit Alexander-Arnold's hand but neither the referee, Michael Oliver, who whistled at the Camp Nou on Tuesday, nor the VAR decreed maximum penalty. The truth is that Guardiola has reason to be angry. But it was that if he had indicated the eleven meter point the referee would have had to cancel the 1-0. Because while players like Agüero looked at the fourth referee Liverpool set up a counterattack. The ball fell at the feet of Fabinho, who took a monumental cocoa from outside the area. Unstoppable.


Guardiola was outraged by two hands inside the area not designated as a penalty

It had only been six minutes and the leader commanded. Soon the difference would increase. Although before Sterling could tie with a header. He forgave, and then in another scintillating attack Liverpool got the second after a wonderful center Robertson and a header header from Salah (13). Exblaugrana Bravo, a substitute for the injured Ederson, could do nothing.

The crash had been very expensive for the whole of Klopp. They gave their ideal coordinates. He won, the City was forced to tip over and there was a sheet to go. The Guardiola played the violin harmoniously but it was not enough for them to the thunderous drums of the Klopp ensemble. The meeting was fantastic with a devilish rhythm. Nothing to do with the tiresome traffic that, for example, Barça offers its followers in recent times.

The City was able to reduce the disadvantage until the intermission with three occasions of Agüero and one of the lateral Angeliño, whose shot went to the post. Of course, Liverpool did not stand still and Bravo had to intervene twice.

There were issues to be resolved but Liverpool did not give rise to debate. In the resumption he gave another blow to the City. A center to Henderson's second suit that surprised Bravo was topped by Mané at the bottom of the net (51). The 3-0 was an excessive punishment but the effectiveness is worth its weight in gold in such a match.

The result so bulky seemed to permanently undermine the Guardiola team. Sterling and De Bruyne's attempts ran into the red wall, especially thanks to Lovren's good game. Those of Klopp did not conform. They wanted to make more blood. Meanwhile, Pep was ruminating what to do but until 70 he didn't introduce Gabriel Jesus to Agüero. Man for man. However, his team had not said his last word and Bernardo Silva got 3-1 (77).

The goal gave life to the City, which launched itself into the jugular of a Liverpool that trembled at times. Gabriel Jesus had a great chance and Alexander-Arnold touched the ball again with his hand.

The referee also did not punish this time for the despair of a visibly indignant Guardiola who turned to the stand swearing in Aramaic and pointing a two with his hands. The result no longer changed.

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