American Football The pirates fall in shooting at SMU, 59-51

The pirates fall in shooting at SMU, 59-51


DALLAS – SMU continued its football season, leaving some of its long-time fans with more memories of the 1980s with an attack that again produced points and goals at the Gerald J. Ford Stadium.

East Carolina was also excellent in Saturday's offense, gaining more yards over its nationally ranked opponent, but the Pirates lost 59-51 to 23rd in the SMU during a match featuring eight touchdowns in the second half and keeping the ecu (3-7, 0-6 American Athletic Conference) blocked to three wins for the season.

The positives for the Pirates, who are officially out of place, were mainly at the attack, and there were plenty of them. Behind quarterback Holton Ahlers and first-year receiver Tyler Snead, who had 19 passes for 240 yards and three touchdowns, ECU scored for the Mustangs and was threatened one point four times in the second half. .

SMU (9-1, 5-1) has scored 14 points in the last eight minutes to keep a tight end-to-end victory and leave the Pirates with a similar feeling to their 46-43 home defeat last week in N 1. Cincinnati.

SMU has won nine regular season wins for the first time since 1984. The ECU feels like being close.

"That's coming," said Ahlers, who followed his team's record with 535 passing yards against the Bearcats with a 32-for-42 performance for 498 yards and six touchdowns without an interception. "We see it obviously, because these are two ranked teams in the country that we have (played) until the last possession. We just have to overcome the bump. We are good enough to win these games now and we believe that, we just have to figure out how to overcome that. "

For the entire offense – 644 total yards on 77 games in ecu, who lost defending catcher CJ Johnson following a minor injury not revealed in the first quarter, and 636 yards in 83 games Mustangs – a huge match for the winners was their recovery Snead and Jsi Hatfield were causing a halt when SMU led 52-44 with 7:18 to go. Shane Buechele, who racked up 414 yards and five touchdowns with an interception, scored a 3-yard touchdown at Near on the next possession for the Mustangs' biggest advance after a half-time of 59-44 at 4:18.

"You have to do a great job of communicating and talking loudly," said Houston, pointing out that Snead and Hatfield have clashed for the kickoff. "We are constantly working in this area and it's really frustrating, but I promise you that no one feels worse than these two kids. Snead had 240 yards in reception, and he feels like an absolute dog shit right now. I could see it in his eyes in this locker room. … But these two jokers, I'm glad they're in our locker room. "

Since a 24-21 win at Old Dominion on September 28, the ECU has lost five straight games, embodying the quest for victory # 4. The Pirates have finished 3-9 each of the last three years under the orders from their former coach Scottie Montgomery.

This very successful defeat has allowed the series of losses to fight against ECU, eight times, against 2 to 13 since 2009. The Pirates have also scored a total of 2 to 12 beats against AAC West since the start of the season. US divisions in 2015.

"I hurt children because they are fighting and they are resilient," Houston said. "They listen, I really suffer for them Some of these children have suffered a lot, they are fighters and winners.It's only a matter of time.We went through the bumps at the beginning of the season by learning to compete.

"They are competing at a high level and we have to finish the matches and win. This is where we are right now.

Near had 14 catches for 167 yards and two touchdowns. His final reception, on a fourth and third set with a 4-yard incline, sealed the win at the last minute.

SMU was 5-in-5 in fourth place. A conversion was in the fourth and twenties, a 31-yard touchdown at Kemen Granson for a 52-44 cushion in the total 28 points scored – 14 by each team – in the fourth.

"The time for" my hurt "and all that stuff is done," said Houston. "It's out the window. We have to play the game. "

The ECU got 17 points in a row after falling behind 28-10. SMU was hooked to a three-point lead in the third quarter, and there were also 45 Mustangs at 44 in the fourth quarter after Ahlers hit Snead for a 57-yard touchdown with 10:58 to do.

The Pirates received the kickoff of the second period and needed only three games to create a match at one point, 28-27. Demetrius Mauney managed a 32-yard pass to set up a close-end game pass, Zech Byrd, who swayed the ball but still carried it to his chest and stayed on his feet to shake the ball. rest of the way during a match. Easy TD of 45 yards.

Going back and forth continued for the remainder of the quarter, which resulted in a 45 to 37 increase in EMS. In the third quarter, Xavier Jones scored two touchdowns in the race – between 35 and 64 yards – to defeat the big Mustang Eric Dickerson, who broke his record of a touchdown season.

Jones finished with 20 runs for 157 yards and three touchdowns. Granson had three touchdown receptions.

The best Pirates forward was Tay Williams with 61 yards in 14 carries.

Snead finished with the largest number of receptions for a pirate since the 22nd birthday of Zay Jones in 2016 in South Carolina.

"I think last week gave us a lot of confidence," Snead said. "We pushed the ball, we moved and scored. This week, we came with the same confidence. I think that he just grew up with each reader. "

A potential rout was coming when Near won a jumping contest with DB hijacker Warren Saba and scored 51 yards for a 28-10 Mustang advantage with a time of 4:45 until halftime.

But the ECU responded with 10 unanswered points for a 28-20 deficit at halftime.

Ahlers scrambled and found Snead waiting in the end zone for a 36-yard touchdown that scored 28-17. Jake Verity scored a 37-yard goal at half-time. Verity finished 3-for-3 and was the country's leader in goals.

The Pirates were about to go three and a half goals for each of their first three goods when Hatfield spun beyond high school and down the field for a touchdown and a 68-yard run to bring the score to 7. -7. It was the only tie of the day.

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