News The mysterious case of the Mercedes from Latrell Mitchell

The mysterious case of the Mercedes from Latrell Mitchell


Latrell? A bit of a flap about the old Latrell is not there, because Jimmy Hooper & # 39; s yarn turns up over him for cock training in a 15-minute Mercedes?

Criticism from the Twittersphere and beyond has gone through the full range, not atypically: race, age, greed, loyalty.

If Latrell were a drought, there would be types that would claim the truth of climate change.

The fact that he is black … I don't know. Probably not for mine to comment. But I'm going anyway. That is a long and rising bend.

People have drawn a line between the native roots of Mitchell and reports that he was driving a flashy Mercedes as an example of the white hegemony that kept the black man under control.

And I don't know.

I do believe that it is nonsense.

I don't know Jimmy Hooper. I met him a few times. Nice guy.

And he doesn't write the headlines.

But it has nothing to do with his skin color.

Describing the car as a "mystery Mercedes", it's nothing sinister. It basically means that Hoops doesn't know whose car it is.

But it's "color," as they say. And it resonated. And caused something of a flap.

But about racing? Come on.

Here are the first few pars:

"Rooster insiders first began to worry about Latrell Mitchell's headroom when the Kangaroos center was spotted in a flashy new Mercedes S63 Turbo AMG sports car with a value of around $ 250,000.

"Given that Roosters chairman Nick Politis has amassed part of his $ 600 million fortune to the automotive industry, the obvious question was whether Uncle Nick was helping Latrell find a new set of wheels?

“The answer is an unambiguous no. Where did the Mercedes mystery come from? Mitchell apparently told teammates that it was from a friend. & # 39;

If you want to draw a conclusion now, it's not that Mitchell is black and the white man wants to remind a black man of his station, it's that the roosters were worried that Mitchell was full of himself. And if there's a crime in a footy club, it's a big head.

Anthony Mundine never completely dealt with that. People still liked him. But all his "the man" bluster was better suited to the mere pursuit of boxing.

Regarding the roosters that & # 39; frustrated & # 39; that Latrell is testing its value on the open market for 2021 … please.

Footy clubs always shop for strange players. People still insist on holding Mitchell by staying with the Roosters out of loyalty.

Latrell Mitchell

(Matt King / Getty Images)

It would be the same as being loyal to the Commonwealth Bank, while the bank has a constant mission to supplement their staff with younger, cheaper employees and to retire older people after seeing short-term contracts.

Difficult to be loyal to a company that will one day be sure that you will be dominated by redundancy in the near future.

And our Latrell – let's say he is the very best financial planner in the bank, someone who has brought exponential value to the bank – is just looking at what other banks think he is worth.

And a 22-year-old allegedly refused a personal plea from the coach. It takes a bit of Chutzpa, that.

And Schedules Inc. can be as frustrated as they want, and dig him up by telling the media that he was educated at Merc in an instant, the conclusion is that he is above his station and / or makes a point that, for mine, has nothing to do with Aboriginality and everything to do with a football club that worries that a 22-year-old has bought the hype and is full of himself, and believes that he is worth a mill a year.

Jamie Soward made a good point when he tweeted that he had not heard from Mitchell himself in any of the media reports.

He followed up with a rather naive when he said that everyone should just let Mitchell go further.

As they say: yes, no. And I tip Jamie and everyone else – the media have spoken with Team Mitchell. That is largely where these stories come from – the player managers feed the beast. Clubs do it too. Plant yarns. Plant seeds.

Part of it is gossip that comes true. It is a lot. Part of it does not come out for whatever reason. Does not make it false when it is reported.

The dogs were interested in Mitchell. Reports say they are not now. Does not make the original report wrong.

And if you lean back now, slide further and further down the glass of your very smart phone and wonder how journos can live with themselves, then you miss, friend, the elephant in the room.

And that elephant is you. And if you see it as a problem, such as media reporting that the best center of the game is testing the markets, then you are part of the problem.

Sorry, Buckaroo. But it's true: if you weren't interested in things like this, the media wouldn't write.

The numbers are clear – write the fun, feel-good, player-visit orphanage and deliver teddy bears dressed as Santa Claus, numbers flatline.

Report that there are ruffles at the premiers because the best center of the game drives around in a "mysterious" Mercedes when the club's owner is a stupid, wealthy car dealer – and name Anthony Mundine – then, well … click-click- boom.

Latrell Mitchell

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

And it's you, friend, who clicks.

Media only report the machinations. And people eat it. Because it's interesting!

And that is why Latrell might even be worth $ 1 million a year, because we find the game and all these internal Machiavellian maneuvers extremely interesting.

And the fact is, Sow-wow official, and the only thing that you scroll through this gibber is that the off-season market moves from the best center of the game are damn interesting.

That he is black is subtext and not relevant.


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