NFL The Monday night football cat explains everything

The Monday night football cat explains everything


First of all: my name is not the Monday night football cat, the football cat, the giant cat, the cat of the Jets, Mr. Trouble, the fluffy, the mustaches, the elite, the parcels , kotite, klecko or kitty.

It's Brian.

I am 7 years old and I live in New Jersey Meadowlands, which, if you are a stray cat, is essentially Parisian. I mean, look at me. I eat stadium hot dogs not eaten at breakfast. Nachos for lunch. Stadium hot dogs again for dinner. I am a big, strong guy.

I am always at MetLife Stadium. Honestly, I'm not in football, but you would not be in football either, Jets and Giants. They do not paint masterpieces here. When I was just a little cat, I saw The Buttfumble.

I am more of a concert guy. I love to see Bon Jovi, of course. I've seen Springsteen at least 12 times. I found myself behind the scenes of the Stones. Beyoncé ruled. Taylor Swift once stroked my head.

Monday night, I made a mistake. I was about to go to a party – my friend Melvin had something to say: he had caught a rat and wanted to share when I was wrong and I ended up on the ground during the Giants-Cowboys game. game, on national television.

I had the same thought that you had: Uh-oh. (I said something worse, but it's the Journal, and I know I can not curse it.)

I had to get out of there. So I ran. I ran as fast as I could. From 50 to 40, from 30 to 20, to 10, to 5 and in the end zone. I did not know that TV cameras had been trained on me. I did not know they were talking about me on ESPN and Kevin Harlan was talking about me on the radio.

I heard the crowd start applauding. Look, I've had incredible experiences in my life. I ate a seagull once. I found a whole sausage pizza on the upper deck. But nothing was comparable to hearing the roar of the stadium me.

I felt like one of the greatest of all time. I felt like Saquon. I felt like Odell (I miss you buddy). I felt like LT, placing a quarterback on the ground.

It was incredible. Tears have flowed in my eyes, I'm not afraid to say it.

When I arrived in the end zone, I was a little dazzled. Security tried to chase me off and I left them in the dust. I know it does not say much. These guys would have a hard time catching a turtle.

I finally ran down a hallway and escaped. By the time I finally got to Melvin's party, he had eaten all the rat, that punk.

But then I looked at my phone. He exploded. I had to have 150 messages.

(Yes, I have a phone, it's an iPhone 4, but it works perfectly well.)

I do not want to go into the details, but yes: some teams are interested. At least a dozen clubs have asked me to participate in a training session this week. Some see me as a wide receiver. Other people think I'm coming back. I am ready to try anything. I imagine that the Bears are open to a new quarterback.

The black cat at the games of the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.


Rich Graessle / Zuma Press

I received this message from this agent … Drew Rosenhaus? He says he has beaten a lot of famous players. Said that he can make me rich. Meow Mix for life. That seems alright to me. Wherever I go, Melvin comes. I will not forget where I come from.

As for the teams, the Panthers would be a natural fit. Lions and Jaguars too. I would even think of Bengals.

I just do not want to be a patriot. Let's go. I come from Jersey. I hate these guys. We still own them at the Super Bowl.

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Did you like to see the black cat during Monday night football?

Now, many people think that I represent some kind of curse because I am a black cat and that it was a few days after Halloween, and all that. I do not believe in any of these hocus pocus absurdities. Superstitions are for kids.

You think about cat curses giants and throws? Have you looked at the changes these teams have made in recent years? Melvin is closer to the playoffs than any of these clubs. I feel really bad for Saquon and Sam Darnold, two talented guys.

I did not lose the Giants. You make your own luck, that's what I think.

And on Monday night, I made mine. I'll see you Sunday, football fans. Prepare your catnip.

L & # 39; Love,


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