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The end of the game completely incomprehensible between Castres and Brive [Vidéo]


For the 9th day of Top 14, the Castres Olympique faced the CA Brive with a completely incomprehensible end of the game.

It was the match of the second half of the table between two teams who know each other well. Castres received Brive yesterday at the stadium Pierre-Fabre under a rain that never ended. After a first half to the advantage of Tarn who spend 3 times the line, we say that the game will be released in the second half. But Laranjera's foot allows the Brivists to stick to the score until the end of the match.

At the 77th, the Brivists score by François Da Ros and Thomas Laranjera enlisted behind. 26 to 25 for Davidson's men. But it is never folded among the Castres who do not let go and chained the game in front of the 22m brivists … until the 82nd.

It was at this moment that misunderstanding invaded the field, as did the security service and replacements. Brive holds (almost) his victory. Julien Castaignede, the referee of the meeting whistles after a miss Julien Dumora drop, but it is only a simple stop time. Everyone thinks of the end of the match and the victory of Brive of a very small point. But the referee does not whistle the end of the match, he wants to check a shoulder contact reported earlier in the action between Geoffrey Palis and Sevanaia Galala. And the action gives reason to Castrais who have a penalty in the 83rd for Julien Dumora who will not be missed this time. Successful penalty, 28-26 for the CO that imposes with the guts.

"Stop time! We control it! There is a pause in time. What are you doing there sir? Get out!" Julien Castaignede, referee of the meeting, at the security service.

The summary of the match

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