"The boys got confused": England's Haka reaction was not meant as a V

England produced the moment of the World Cup with their inconic Haka respose, but four stars have broken their silence.

World Cup finalists Ben Youngs, Tom Curry, Manu Tuilagi and Joe Marler all admitted that there was a lot of confusion about what they were planning to do during a performance on British TV.

It was one of the most iconic moments of the World Cup in Japan, even when it landed them with warm water at World Rugby for crossing the half line, and even received praise from New Zealand boss Steve Hansen.

However, it has now been confirmed that the V came about when members of the team misunderstood Young's instructions for performing a semicircle after he had drawn up the plans on the flip chart the night before.

"We met the night before and said it was a challenge and we want to take on the challenge and make sure they know we are ready, so let's step into a semicircle," Youngs told Jonathan Ross Show.

"A few boys were still confused …"

Marler then interrupted and said: "The problem was that Ben had prepared it the night before … He got up and did it on a flipchart and he marked it all with Xs and Os.

"The problem I had with it was that I looked at that sign and thought," It's not to scale "… I thought we were supposed to be closer than what the photo said.

"[I went over the line] that I thought we were all going to do, but then I looked back and they didn't do it, but I thought I already captured it."

Whatever the confusion beforehand, there was nobody on the field in the 80 minutes that followed, as England dominated for a crushing 19-7 victory to reach their third final since 2003.


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