Steelers vs. Rams: Live updates, game stats, highlights as Jared Goff travels to Pittsburgh

Two upbeat playoff teams to face Heinz Field on Sunday

The Steelers and Rams face Pittsburgh Sunday and after 15 minutes of play, the teams were all equal to the scoreboard. The Rams took a quick 7-0 lead over Dante Fowler's 25-yard return from Mason Rudolph's failed play. Rudolph was unable to attack Maurkice Pouncey, six-time Pro Bowler. The Pittsburgh offense was imposed during his third possession, while Rudolph knocked second-year catcher (and former teammate James Washington) on a three-yard pass.

Follow the action throughout Sunday's match by viewing our live blog below.

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Time: 4:25 ET
Location: Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
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Goff with two outside passes gives the Rams a first lead over the 40 Steelers, but the final match is under review.

The Steelers' offense is a neglected possession after getting the ball for just 21 seconds. The Rams still have a timeout and will start from 33 after a good punt return. I would like to try a screen pass to Gurley here.

Rudolph under pressure from Donald and throws incomplete. No bags for Donald but constant pressure on Rudolph.

The Steelers are thrilled to be 14-7, but they have three timeouts, so expect them to be aggressive here, at least on the first try.

They decided that it was a fumble, so Fitzpatrick has his second touchdown in as many games as the Steelers have a 14-7 lead. Give credit to Hargrave for Hargrave's bag / forced fumble.

Goff (Javel Hargrave hit him) and Ginkle Fitzpatrick scored the goal. They will obviously examine it.

James Washington makes a big catch and runs before coughing the ball. Nickell Earl Robey-Coleman, who surprised Washington holding the balloon like a loaf of bread. This is the Steelers' second largest business figure today.

T.J. now has 29 bags since it was developed by the Steelers in 2017.

J.J. approves the little brother's game up to now:

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Goff was settling down before being sacked by T.J. Watt. The Rams must start keeping a RB over Watt in overtaking situations. The Rams ran again with Gurley in third and long position. The Steelers have the chance to head to the intermission with the advance.

The Rams have their best offensive game of the game. Goff PA to Gurley, hits Reynolds on a crossover road for a 21-yard gain. Goff finally gets protection.

The ram's defense intensifies, forcing another kick. The next turnover may be important because both offenses are in trouble. The surprised Steelers did not attempt a single rushing attempt on this possession after successfully running the ball over their previous two possessions. It would also have been nice to give the defense more rest.

JuJu with another beautiful piece gives the Steelers a first try. JuJu wins his individual duel with Ramsey. The Rams have chosen to form one team, Smith-Schuster, which will help him and the rest of the Pittsburgh defense.

The Steelers have twice more yards than the Rams in the first period. If you had a statistic, you'd think the Steelers would win. Gurley ran well but only managed five races.

In the expectation of being able to read this at half time. John Stallworth, who is in Pittsburgh to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his Super Bowl win against the Rams team, remembers his winning match in SB XIV:

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Goff does a good job in avoiding rush, but can not communicate with Gurley. Goff 3/7 to start the game, as Pitt's hasty pass has an impact. Specifically, Goff and Gurley have really struggled to connect up here. The rams are 0-4 on the third place up to now. The Steelers replace Johnson by Ryan Switzer as PR after Johnson's fumbling.

The Rams complete the second descent of Josh Reynolds, then Goff sinks into the depth but the spear is incomplete, but it will be PI on Edmunds. Kupp has just finished a day of 220 yards.

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