Sport Stade Français: the endless fall - Top 14

Stade Français: the endless fall – Top 14


Beat Sunday at home by the Racing (525-9), the Paris club continues to fall. The break between players and their demanding South African manager is consumed. Despite President Wild's claims, Heyneke Meyer's position seems increasingly untenable.

Until when Hans Peter Wild, the wealthy owner of the Stade Français Paris, will he play the proud and refuses to see reality in the face? Saturday, the eve of the derby, at a press conference supposed to beat the recall, he said, peremptory: "I'm not at all worried. It's okay, we will not go down. " Thirty-six hours later, we do not know if the German businessman was still so confident. A seventh defeat in nine days, the second at home, for a place of good last now 7 points of 13e and barrage, Agen. And two more on Brive, his next opponent. At the third of the regular season, the accounting situation is already uncomfortable.

And worrying because nothing seems to stop the fall of a Paris team that has the worst attack (161 points) and the worst defense (310 points cashed) of the Top 14. Sunday, during a derby yet crucial, the Soldiers roses have disappointed their supporters, come for once in numbers to support them. No guiding thread in the game, innumerable hand faults, total absence of revolt. As if they did not feel concerned by the issue. A passivity that some had already noticed (regretted) from the warm up where the Parisians already seemed hardly concentrated.

"It must be honest, there is not much positive to stand out"

Heyneke Meyer

A mixture of anger and tension on the face, Heyneke Meyer did not say anything else after the defeat of his team in the derby (9-25). "We wanted to make our supporters proud. This is not the case. We apologize to them but we have no excuse. "And to point out that the Racingmen had been" tactically smarter ", that his players had" made too many mistakes. "" You have to be honest, there is not much positive to come out. I noticed some small progress but also areas where we relapsed. We must move forward. "In what way? "By working even harder," slams the South African manager.

Problem. His requirement and workload have already been judged too high by the pink soldiers. Who got at the beginning of the season that the training sessions are lightened. The majority of them would have liked especially to get the head of the former coach of the Springboks. In vain. At each of his interventions, Hans Peter Wild reiterates his support in Meyer. Firmly. Ready to do anything for him. An example ? "The media reproaches Heyneke for not speaking French. I have run businesses where fifty different nationalities coexisted. Together, we all spoke English and it was normal. Some people will easily learn a foreign language when others will never get there. At PSG, Thomas Tuchel spoke French in two weeks. Heyneke will never speak French and we must accept it. I told him recently: "Do not waste your time with that!" Now we are moving forward … "

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Right in the wall visibly. The break seems indeed consumed. Wild and Meyer were able to clear the maximum of historical players, to remove Jules Plisson leaves of the match, the transplant still does not take. For a club that has the highest budget in the Top 14 for just 9 points in nine games … far from a title candidate ambition. The status of "the world's largest club", as a Wild Doctor often disconnects from reality. Better on the side of his manager who aligns the clichés. "I have been training for a very long time, I have already experienced this situation. We must hold on, continue to believe in ourselves and work hard. It's not easy but if I'm not positive … I have to inspire the team. "

The mine clearance entrusted to Thomas Lombard seems too late

The words, and especially the hides, of Yoann Maestri, captain shot, said something else after this setback "very painful". That the situation seems to have reached its climax, that the crisis is this time very present. An overwhelming finding first. "There are so many things to review. We are so deficient in some areas. We still have the same gaps. Today, we are not in place at all. "Then a veiled threat afterwards. "The guy who says we will continue to train hard and work even harder (these words were spoken by the South African manager at a press conference, Ed.) … If we want it to continue like this, we must not change anything. There are a lot of things that have changed since last year, things that do not work, things that do not work. (…) We are going for the moment all together. But for sure, things will have to evolve. We all, I mean all, areas of progression. We all have grievances too … "That promises promising days to come.

The period seems conducive to a big change. The next two weeks, the Stade Français Paris is a chore of European Challenge. Suffice to say the youngest of his worries in the current situation. The goal, circled in red, is the next day of Top 14, the 1st December, with a crucial move on the lawn of Brive. A crucial match. Thomas Lombard, recruited to try to redress the situation, will have to make decisions. His wish ? To renew the dialogue between Heyneke Meyer and his staff. "There were problems of connections, of speeches. That's why I arrived. To ensure that a coach with such skill can put his knowledge to the service of the team and that the players can make their voices heard. "The wish seems pious, mine clearance too late. And as it is not possible to change 23 players during the season, it will be necessary to finish with some who have obviously dropped their South African manager, maybe, finally, Heyneke Meyer is not as unbeatable as Hans Peter Wild repeats.

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