Sonja Petrovic joined the Spar Ciytlift Girona in early December

On Wednesday, November 27, the Spar Citylif Girona will receive in Fontajau the Kursk Dynamo of the Girona Marta Xargay and of the former Unique Roberto Íñiguez in a match where the Russian expedition will not be found to which it was one of its great stars the last seasons: Sonja Petrovic. The Serbian winger signed this summer for Spar Citylift, but continues in his country recovering from knee arthroscopy and will not arrive in Girona until the next weekend. The Girona club is scheduled to arrive on Petrovic on Sunday, December 1, coinciding with the League game against the Mann-Filter of Zaragoza in Fontajau, but does not set a date for the MVP of the Euroleague of 2017 s 'Release with your shirt. From Uni it is explained that they do not want to run more of the account with Petrovic and, for a great desire to see it play there both in the club and among the fans, you have to go with caution and think that the Serbian player has not done preseason. At Fontajau they are clear that the most important thing is not whether Petrovic plays before or after Christmas, but is in good condition in the months of January, February and March when the season lives key moments with the second round of the Euroleague and with the dispute of the Cup in Salamanca.

Of course, when Sonja Petrovic debuts with Spar Citylift Girona he will do it as Sonja Vasic, because like Tijana Ajdukovic, now Tijana Andusic, Petrovic will adopt the last name of her husband after marrying at the end of this summer with the Serbian Olympic rower Milos Vasic.

«Messi comes to play with Girona. This girl is very, very and very good. " In summer, Laia Palau did not spare praise for Sonja Petrovic, who will meet again after agreeing to the Euroleague champions in Prague in 2015, assuring that "having the opportunity to enjoy Sonja Petrovic is magical, I will inflate on assistance. " At which moment Laia Palau will be able to begin to distribute assistances to Petrovic, or Vasic, with the shirt of the Spar Citylift Girona is now an unknown. The idea is that once the international Serbia has joined the training sessions, it will be assessing its physical fitness and adaptation to the group to see which day it can begin to play.

In League, after the match against the Mann-Filter on day 1, Uni has four commitments before closing 2019: in Tenerife against the City of Laguna (December 8), in Fontajau against Bembibre (15), to the track of El Cadí (21) and to Valencia (28). And three more in the Euroleague: on the track of the Italian Schio (December 5) and on Thursdays December 12 and 19 at Fontajau against Montpellier and Fenerbahçe. After the change of the year, the first games are also home against Zamora (January 5) and Lyon (9).

Last season, Sonja Petrovic played with the Kursk Dinamo, Euroleague runner-up, and in summer he competed for the European Championship with his team finishing in the championship's five goals but, later, he underwent an arthroscopy to clean a knee where he had been in discomfort for some time. In Girona, Petrovic will finish the recovery he is doing in Belgrade.

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