Scotland's typhoon row with World Rugby is finally over after the release of the latest statement

The Scottish Rugby Union's World Series with World Rugby is over a week after the global governing body offered the Scots £ 70,000 and asked them to make a meaningful apology.

The penalty came from comments from SRU chief Mark Dodson in the British newspaper Telegraph, the BBC Radio 4 Today program, and by the Scottish team announcement on October 11, suggesting that SRU would sue World Rugby.

He also criticized the holding of the World Cup in Japan prior to Typhoon Hagibi's & # 39; s cancellation of the tournament.

A statement released Thursday morning states: “World Rugby can confirm that the Scottish Rugby Union has expressed its regret and has confirmed that it will not challenge World Rugby further in this matter.

“The Scottish Rugby Union has agreed to pay a £ 70,000 donation to World Rugby and the case is now closed. No further comments will be made by either party. "

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Dodson was knocked out by World Rugby's plans to cancel Scotland's final Pool A clash with Japan if Typhoon Hagibis had left Yokohama Stadium unsafe for action. Organizers of the World Cup eventually managed to arrange the match on schedule as Japan defeated the Scots 28-21 to reach the quarterfinals.

Two charges were brought by World Rugby (under Rugby World Cup Limited) in accordance with Rugby World Cup 2019 terms of participation and World Rugby Regulation 20.2 (misconduct and code of conduct).

Last week's hard-working statements had read: “World Rugby was strongly convinced that comments suggesting an unreasonable and disorganized treatment of all teams were inappropriate and poorly judged at a time when Japan was preparing for the biggest and most destructive typhoon in decades.

"The International Federation felt that such comments contradicted the game, not only in relation to World Rugby's handling of an extraordinary situation, but also in the message it sent to the Japanese people.

"After considering all the evidence, including submissions from World Rugby and SRU, the committee, with regard to the first prosecutor, decided that comments attributed to Mark Dodson constituted disproportion and contradicted the game.

"As to the second charge, the available evidence was insufficient for the Committee to be satisfied with the balance of probabilities as to the source of the offending remarks, and therefore rejected the charge."

World Rugby said SRU was formally reprimanded for its behavior and had been fined £ 70,000. In addition, World Rugby told SRU to "issue a meaningful apology to World Rugby and RWCL for their disregard on the terms approved by the committee".

The committee also noted that the fine will be donated to the Childfund Pass it Back program for World Rugby's instruction, which assists with ongoing relief work in areas affected by Typhoon Hagibis.

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