Saquon Barkley's injury concern arises among Giants anger

Saquon Barkley was worried after he was being chased for a profound yard when he took about 20 degrees.

Barkley made the short journey from the Giants locker room to Sunday's X-ray room at MetLife Stadium after the worst performance of his NFL career in 34-27 losses for the Jets.

“The next question,” said Barkley when asked about his health.

For a player without an excuse, it is as close to admission as possible on which is clear with the exposed eye: It is far from 100 percent. X-ray results were not immediately known.

Barkley rushed back from three game absences from high ankle sprain and did not return the same first-stage explosion in his first four games. He did 13 times for 1 yard (not typing) and had five catches for 30 yards, which left him 25 yards short of the total he had previously been from scrimmage when he was play the whole game.

“It's very unusual for any outstanding person in any game,” said trainer Pat Shurmur, from Barkley.

Shurmur admitted that Barkley had a good impact on himself – he went into a sideline officer who was soon affected by the marker in the game – but the Giants still gave them all 14 handoffs.

While these accelerators can still be turned – as he did a 65 yard screen screen against the Cowboys and a 22-yard reception against the Jets – Barkley injury is very clear in his blocking.

Saquon Barkley
Saquon BarkleyRobert Sabo

It is never the strongest part of his skill set, but it has to be removed due to clear discs in favor of Wayne Gallman as he seems slow to complete his task and so loses leverage.

Two games after allowing sacks, fourth quarter peak and hurry against the Lions, Barkley gave almost 14 points to the jets (2-7). Barkley won one of Daniel Jones' quarter rails after passing a passer – the fourth rookie quarter of the ball is too long under pressure – but that was not fortunate in the third quarter.

Fancy Safety Jamal Adams sent Barkley back on his heels and out of the way when he ripped out the ball from Jones and returned to landing.

Barkley spent his feelings on his face after the 6th straight loss of Giants dropped to 2-8.

“Frustration, disappointment, anger,” said Barkley. “No one wants to be 2-8, no one wants to lose a record. Everyone is upset. Everyone is frustrated. ”

Barkley was running behind a line of attack which wanted two beginners (Jon Halapio's center and Mike Remmers's right to fight) for the whole game and the third (left to fight Nate Solder) for the most part. most of the game.

Barkley was told a false line, the perfect guard right, Kevin Zeitler, as if he was smacked against.

“It is clear that they did their job, but as an offense, that screw,” Zeitler said. “No matter how good a team is, we need to find a way to grind it and do it.

“We always take (responsibility.) No matter how talented a goal is, the better the O-line does it. No matter what we did, we were not able to do it. It's us. ”

Short shelves are already running up compared to other jobs and it seems that bad damage is associated with long-term damage in another lost season. If Barkley is not to close, it may be up to Shurmur to do so – or better manage his workload.

Only Shurmur must win games to quit the hot seat.

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