Royal designer mug of ax weaving moped bands

A favorite royal fashion designer has been robbed by an ax-wielding moped band that let her car tires down and threatened her before fleeing with her expensive watch.

Amanda Wakeley, whose creations are worn by the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge, as well as actresses Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie, were set in the Chelsea Harbor district of west London on Wednesday morning, according to her partner and economic PR adviser, Hugh Morrison.

Ms. Wakeley was examining her flat tire as the assault men struck and threatened her with an ax, Mr Morrison said.

The thieves started with the 57,000-year-old Rolex watch at 25,000 pounds, leaving her shocked but unharmed, according to Mr Morrison.

"Police have been astounding, but say this happens five to six times every day in (Kensington and Chelsea) and has asked us to share this," Mr Morrison said in a social media post.

"There were many witnesses and the police feel that the guilty will be caught. Meanwhile, Amanda just wants to share her experience and hopes everyone stays safe. "

Sir. Morrison shared a photograph of the alleged cruisers, one of which was wearing a blue helmet.

Statistics show that moped crimes have halved in London since the Metropolitan Police launched Operation Venice to counter the problem.

There were 23,986 crimes in which mopeds, scooters or motorcycles were used to carry out an offense in 2017-18, but this fell to 11,390 in 2018-19, the newspaper reported The Times.

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