Peñarol won the classic and is the three-time champion of women's football – Ovación – 11/10/2019

Champions, champions, champions. Three screams followed in 2017, 2018 and 2019 achieved Peñarol, which after winning 3-1 this Sunday women's soccer classic to National in the Champion of the Century Three-time champion of the Uruguayan First Division Championship was crowned.

It was with a goal by Lourdes Viana at 23 minutes for 1-0 and two by Ximena Velazco, 2-1 at 68 'and then 3-1 at 79'. Nacional could only discount through Juliana Castro at 49 '.

94 '- End of the match!

Peñarol won 3-1 the classic to Nacional

With a goal from Lourdes Viana and two from Ximena Velazco, the aurinegras beat the tricolor in the classic in the Champion of the Century 3-1.

79 '- Goal of Peñarol!

Ximena Velazco stretches the advantage 3-1

A long center of the Venezuelan Idanis Mendoza found a good header from the scorer of Peñarol, who throwing the ball over the goalkeeper Shana Palacio marked the third of the aurinegras.

68 '- Peñarol goal!

Ximena Velazco put the lead 2-1

Ximena Velazco in Peñarol's goal in the women's soccer classic against Nacional in the Champion of the Century

It was a key moment of the game after missing the penalty and with National reaching the dark arc. But Velazco led a good against, looked for Lourdes Viana and she returned the ball for the crossing of the ball and the 2-1 of Peñarol in the classic.

53 '- Penalty not taken advantage of by Peñarol

Peñarol 1-1 National

A lack of Caterin Lima in the area when he threw himself away was worth the penalty to the chariots to return to take advantage in the classic. However, Jemina Rolfo made the shot above the horizontal.

49 '- Goal by Nacional!

Juliana Castro put the 1-1 in the Champion of the Century

Juliana Castro in the National goal in the women's soccer classic in the Champion of the Century.

With a foray into the area, the tricolor scorer matched the game just started with a cross shot.

Hour 11.04

The second half began

National must go in search of the comeback in the classic of the last date of the Clausura. The draw does not give him to stretch the final of the tournament.

47 '- End of the first half

Peñarol 1-0 National

Nacional started better in the first minutes, but quickly Peñarol took hold and began to dominate the actions during the rest of the first half. He had the deserved goal in Lourdes Viana and could have doubled the actions. The tricolors approached with ball actions stopped as the most dangerous.

45 '- Penalty in favor of National not collected

Hand inside the Peñarol area

After the aurinegra goal scoop the ball into the area and it was necessary to take it again, National had an indirect free kick that hit the defender's arm. The referee Anahi Fernández did not take the hand, but only the overtaking and sanctioned with yellow.

23 '- Goal of Peñarol!

Lourdes Viana made the 1-0 in the Champion of the Century

Lourdes Viana in Peñarol's goal in the women's soccer classic against Nacional in the Champion of the Century

With a shot just entering the area, the number 10 aurinegra put the 1-0 in the classic. Nacional had started the match better, arriving with some situation at the goal of Sofía Olivera, but in the last minutes Peñarol improved and had the best situations of the match until the arrival of Viana's goal.

10.02 hour

The match began in the Champion of the Century!

Hour 9.15

Confirmed lineups

Peñarol plays with Sofía Olivera, Daiana Farías, Florencia Vicente, Lorena Graña, Idanis Mendoza, Agustina Arámbulo, Stefany Suárez, Jemina Rolfo, Ximena Velazco, Denisse Dufau and Lourdes Viana. DT: Daniel Pérez.

Nacional appeared with Shana Palacio, Caterin Lima, Valeria Colman, Fatima Barone, Carina Felipe, María Paz Vila, Sharon López, Naiara Ferrari, Lucía Cappelletti, Luciana Gómez and Juliana Castro. DT: Diego Testas

9.00 hour

At 10.00 it will be the classic at the CDS

Juliana Castro and Florencia Vicente, captains of Nacional and Peñarol.

Peñarol and Nacional close the Closing Tournament of the Uruguayan Championship 2019 with the dispute of the last match of the date 9. The aurinegras arrive leaders in the table to three points of the tricolor. Therefore, if the locals tie or win they remain with the Clausura and, having won the Opening in the past classic and having stayed with the Annual Table, also with the Uruguayan. The pockets need a victory to stretch the definition to a final for the tournament.

The match will begin at 10.00 in the Champion of the Century and will have the arbitration of Anahi Fernández, assisted from the lines by Adela Sánchez and Belén Clavijo. Nohelia Giacomazzi, fourth referee.

The television signal of the classic will be produced by AUF TV, being able to see through Antel on its Vera TV signal anywhere in the world. Also on television through TV City Y TNU.


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