Never bent under pressure, N Srinivasan claims

Former BCCI president N Srinivasan said he was not bothered by the pressure the probe exerted on him against his IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan. He believes that the probe only made him stronger as a person and he is back in power at BCCI.

N Srinivasan was put under enormous pressure when his CSK franchise and corruption charges against his son-in-law were under a strong probe, but he believed that reversing the probe was only possible because he was strong enough to stop the pressure tactics used him and is has been successful in releasing all charges against him.

"Cricket was supposed to be a gentleman game. But the way the CSK and me attack happened was only one common thread: Srinivasan attack. The attack was serious and focused. We were put under the gun," he told TOI.

"There was also this time that a senior police officer contacted me and brought the message from some other authorities. Ask Srinivasan to resign (as BCCI president) and nothing will happen." we resisted it. It was a natural instinct of mine that I would never commit myself to this pressure tactic, "added Srinivasan.

While giving a lecture on "Leadership in turbulent times" on the IIT Madras campus, Srinivasan told the students how important it is to stay strong and to believe in yourself in difficult times.

"You have to recognize the threat that is real and you should not try to respond to perceptions and go into shadow boxing," he said.

"Now the Management Committee has left and today it is history. BCCI returns to its normal operation and our position is sealed."

Questions were also asked about MS Dhoni because the former Indian captain was accused of being involved in solving competitions during the probe, but his calm attitude and mental strength helped him to get through that difficult period and this is what Srinivasan the students told to take inspiration from. Dhoni again became captain of CSK after their return from a two-year ban and won them the title in the 2018 edition of the IPL.

"Turbulence can affect anyone. But Dhoni and CSK have treated it with merit and cold-blooded attention and it brought us to victory," Srinivasan said.

"We've always had the franchise and not the players. That's why the players respect us and want to give everything for us on the spot."

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