McDonald's is launching a sample recycling toy

McDonald's has to try collection boxes for unwanted plastic toys that can be recycled for new products such as coffee cups and play equipment.

The fast-food giant collects all plastic toys – from its own Happy Meals and those purchased from other retailers – as long as they fit through the 17 cm-diameter entrance to the trash cans.

The first trial runs for four weeks at seven restaurants in England and Ireland: Bramley Road, St Ives, East Kilbride – Queensway Drive Thru, Kingston, Milton Keynes, Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, Roscrea, Ireland, and The Swan Center, Eastleigh.

A recyclable cup made from recycled toys. (McDonalds / PA)
A recyclable cup made from recycled toys. (McDonalds / PA)

The toys are reused for new products from coffee cups to trash cans, outdoor playground equipment and vegetable plantations to be committed to communities.

Helen McFarlane, sustainability manager at McDonald's UK & Ireland, said: "It is really important that we test this to find out what customers bring back to us and again what we are able to create with it old plastic toys.

“We want to make sure that we create really useful products from the toys that children have had and finished playing with. This test allows us to work with our suppliers to create a range of new products, maximize the amount of plastic we can recycle and reduce the need for new virgin plastic. "

If successful, McDonald & # 39; s looks set to move on to all restaurants by 2020.

The lawsuit follows McDonald's announces that it will allow customers to swap plastic toys in its Happy Meals for fruit bags or books.

The messages follow rising consumer pressure on fast food chains to stop handing out disposable plastic toys that parents often complain about being discarded quickly and only contributing to the waste crisis.

McDonald's said replacing toys with its roll out of paper straws in restaurants, removing McFlurry plastic covers and disposing of disposable plastic from McDonald's salads would reduce the waste by 1,005 tonnes annually.

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