Lewis Hamilton's sixth world title was one forged with smart strategy, gritty driving and pure consistency

When Lewis Hamilton took the World Drivers & # 39; Championship 2019 and brought his overall championship to six, the world of Formula 1 broke out with joy. After all, how often do we see history being scripted live?

Hamilton is slowly becoming not only the most iconic name of this era of motor racing, but extending its greatness to all eras of sport. In the car it is a rock – delivering excellent performance with precision and consistency. When did Hamilton last make a mistake that embarrassed him?

Outside the car he is a rock star – stubborn, spicy and unpredictable, with a millennial twist for a good measure. He has brought Formula 1 closer to a new audience of young fans – and has also redefined what it means to be a Formula 1 driver.

Interestingly, Hamilton entered Formula 1 during the dominant era of Fernando Alonso, into the Sebastian Vettel era – and only then established his own time. The life cycle (and sport) indicates that ultimately younger drivers (perhaps Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen) will grow in the spotlight. But now this is definitely Hamilton & # 39; s time to shine.

In recent seasons that Hamilton has created many records, we have been thinking about the undeniable question – what makes Hamilton ticking? After all, more than a glorious twist of serendipitous fate is needed to have a young boy born on the & # 39; wrong side of the job & # 39; in Stevenage, England, to bring the ultimate echelons of sporting greatness.

After claiming the crown, Hamilton gave us a small glimpse into his head. β€œI really like the idea of ​​thinking about an artist who makes a masterpiece. Ultimately, what I do is an art form. That is the idea in my mind that I am trying to make a masterpiece and it is still not completely finished, "he said.

2019 season

Hamilton has won ten races this season, with two of the 21 races remaining. His closest rivals – Leclerc, Verstappen, Vettel and teammate Valtteri Bottas – have also won all races this season.

Despite the story the statistics tell, this has not been a season in which Hamilton relentlessly dominated the field. In fact, he has not had a moment of sparkling a la qualification in Singapore or the opening round in Monza – from 2018. On the contrary, he often had to fight for his place under the sun – often dependent on smart strategy instead of just raw speed. Hamilton admitted that the car was "not easy" this season, despite Mercedes scoring nine 1-2 finishes with the W10.

As far as smart strategy is concerned, Hamilton was constantly adapting to squeeze more life out of his ties to realize the strategy. Now that I think about it, Hamilton was notorious for his tire use in his early days in Formula 1.

The Mercedes technical director, James Allison, said: "He has just been a point machine and has taken them everywhere. He has won many races. (He is) just as strong as last year, but not so flashy. It doesn't have that one notable attraction of the Singapore-shot kind of picked out of the blue, or the inch-perfect positioning of his car to force Vettel into a fault at Monza, but look at his race in Mexico as a professional driver at the height of want to see its power. & # 39;

The key to Hamilton & # 39; s splendor this season is its pure consistency: he has zero DNF & # 39; s this season. Let that sink in – he has driven every round of every race this season. If Hamilton continues in this way, he will only become the second driver after Schumacher (2002) to complete every lap of a season.
Hamilton also said that the loss of his close friend and Mercedes & # 39; s non-executive chairman Niki Lauda was particularly difficult this season, it's a & # 39; emotional roller coaster & # 39; called. Hamilton dedicated his championship to Lauda in a moving gesture.

Hamilton vs Schumacher: The biggest ever?

In the course of his racing career, Hamilton has already made a kind of sports masterpiece. By claiming a historic sixth world championship, he is now only one shy of Michael Schumacher's fantastic record of seven titles. A few years ago, not many people thought Schumacher's record would be matched so quickly – and yet Hamilton is on the brink of doing exactly that. His Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was unequivocal in his belief that it is possible.

He revealed: "There is a reason why the Schumacher record exists – because it is very difficult. If we can provide drivers with a good car next year, one that is competitive, we will continue to work on the gaps that we still have, trying we minimize the errors and he has a good season, there is no reason why he (Hamilton) could not go for a seventh title. "

For his part, Hamilton has always been respectful and humble about possibly matching the seven titles of Schumacher. When he won the title last year (in 2018), he declined to comment on the comparisons by saying, "Let me just try to realize that I won it!"

This year he continued to downplay the possibility. He revealed: "I had absolutely thought that somewhere near Michael were so far-fetched … And now it seems so close, yet it's so far away that I still can't really comprehend it." Whether Hamilton is really capable of exceeding Schumacher's number depends entirely on how the 2021 regulation takes shape – and whether one of his rivals is able to seize the opportunity.

Aside from championships, he browses through the sport's record books. For example, he has the title for most pole positions of all time – 87 poles, which is 21 poles better than anyone else. If qualification is the ultimate test for the speed and precision of a driver, Hamilton is truly unrivaled. The biggest irony in all this? Hamilton has often said that he is "not really someone who thinks about records and things like that."

While it is tempting to stack drivers against each other – especially in an effort to achieve ultimate greatness – it is important to remember that both Schumacher and Hamilton went down in very different eras and contexts. Although they both had the luxury of being with dominant teams, it is also true that they have contributed to building these teams. Eddie Jordan, the former owner of the Jordan Racing Team with whom Schumacher made his debut in 1991, believes that Hamilton has a head start on Schumacher because he had to fight with teammates, while Schumacher's partners had to admit. It is also important to remember that Hamilton is active at a time when Formula One has ever more races of the season – making it easier for him to make and break race-specific records.

The way for us

Formula 1 does its utmost to position Hamilton as not only a great champion of the sport, but as one of the best athletes of all time – calling him the "ultimate sports package" and comparing him to Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Usain Bolt and other superstars. It certainly helps that Hamilton has the flair and flamboyance to impress – his personality is just as noticeable as his performances.

Not long ago there were serious concerns that Hamilton would leave the sport out of boredom – or just wanted to pursue his other passions. He shared after his champion victory that he "doesn't want to retire now" and that he will stay in the sport even after his contract expires in 2020. He added: "It is a scary thought that someday we should hang up athletes and stop doing what we have loved all our lives. & # 39;

Incredibly, Hamilton remains just as motivated as ever – hungry to win with a seemingly insatiable appetite. He admitted: β€œOutside the car, just trying to stay focused, that's the hardest part. Probably only other athletes at the top of their game can relate to it. that he is a driver that F1 will ever forget.

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