Lesions punish Barça (Toni Padilla)

Lionel Messi caught the ball with his hands and placed it at the penalty spot. But after him the referee looked to the band, where Barça made the first substitution of the game. Ernesto Valverde did not want to wait and see what happened with the penalty to make the change, because Nelson Semedo had told him that he could not do any more. I had noticed a sting. When the Portuguese went on the side of the coach, Valverde listened to him while he was making a gesture, half of an average worry of being angry, with his head. There is no game in which the Blaugrana coaches do not miss a player. All of this adds more complications to a season start in which Valverde has sought solutions to improve the game, but also has been forced to improvise as players fall.

If during the first days the problems were in attack, with the casualties of Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, lately the problems have come in defense, with the loss by injury of Samuel Umtiti and by sanction of Gerard Piqué and Clément Lenglet. On the bands, the situation is worrying. Semedo will be five weeks off for an injury to the sun, and the classic could be lost against Madrid on December 18. After the break he will not be able to play against Leganés Sergi Roberto, sanctioned because he saw the fifth yellow. For this reason, Valverde will have to choose the two sides with less experience, the Senegalese Wagüe, who has not yet been the holder of the league, and Junior Firpo, who after many days outside the list could finally be the winner against him Celtic In addition, it is not clear when he can return to playgrounds Jordi Alba. Junior Firpo himself, in fact, explained after the victory against Celta: "When I came to Barça, it was clear that it would be difficult to play, which would cost me a lot of minutes because I have Jordi Alba ahead. I'm not worried about my situation, I need time to go adapting. In the end, the players are selfish and we want to play, but I am mentally prepared to play now that they will play. " One way to say that Alba is still not ready to return to the field. Unlike the case of Semedo, in which the club specified the time of loss, Alba does not know anything. But asking about the matter, Valverde admitted that "a few games will be lost."

Semedo became the twelfth player of the team that is injured this season. In total, 17 injuries, because soccer players like Luis Suárez and Jordi Alba have injured twice. The Uruguayan forward played the last minutes against Celta, recovered from the second injury of the season, but now they will play two friendly with the selection, the first against Argentina Messi in Tel Aviv. Messi, on the other hand, returns to the selection after fulfilling the penalty he received in the last Copa América, and will add miles to his legs just when he was better, because then he plays a second game against Brazilians at Saudi Arabia. Valverde does not like to stop now, and even less to see how many players have to go to play friendly games. "I would have preferred to continue playing, I do not like to stop after a win," explained the coach, who is not satisfied with the players' agenda. The same thing happens to the board with behaviors that have generated criticisms such as that of Ousmane Dembélé, who often goes to France on short trips, and that of Gerard Piqué, who does not stop there when he has holidays. This stoppage of selections, in fact, will be important for the defense, who resigned to continue playing with Spain: centered on his business career, his great project is to reformulate the format of the Davis Tennis Cup, which will live this November His premiere in Madrid. In Barça, some managers came to explain, with resignation, that "at least it will be played in Madrid and not in the United States; It will be a shorter trip ".

If in the offices they do not like the way many players – such as Arthur Melo, who came back to Neymar at the end of the game against Celta – in the dressing room did not like the preseason, with two very long trips, one in Japan and the other in the United States, which did not help precisely to avoid injuries. But the board needed the money for the tours. If the game of selections is added, the result is a scenario in which nobody wants to renounce their privileges. No clubs, no selections or players. And the injuries end up arriving.


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