Khalil Mack sends a rather low-key message to the Bears' offense

Khalil Mack is no stranger to adversity. He met many during his stay with the Oakland Raiders. So, this experience helps at least help in the recent struggles for the Chicago Bears in 2019. At 3-5 years old, the team runs a real risk of watching a season filled with d & rsquo; Hopes in the playoffs. Mack, to his credit, maintained a stable presence and in no way attempted to rock the boat. However, his frustration is pretty obvious.

The Bears defense is not as good as it was in 2018, but it remains one of the best NFL units. They have not been the problem. Special teams currently ranked 2nd in the NFL, according to Football Outsiders. The fault for this debacle falls squarely at the feet of the Bears' offensive. A unit that currently totals just over 17 points on average per game. It's really hard to win games that way.

Mack knows it and sends to the offensive a clear message: we are expecting more of them this Sunday against Detroit.

"You can talk about last year all day, but it really has nothing to do with what's happening on Sunday," Mack said. "You have to do whatever it takes to keep him on the bench because he's a good quarterback and he has a lot of weapons. These two receivers, I mean they have a special group, and the task will be huge for us. "

Khalil Mack knows that Matthew Stafford is hot right now

Matthew Stafford, of the Lions, is one of the NFL's most prominent quarterbacks. He has 10 touchdowns in his last three games only. His passer-by score of 106.0 across eight games is the highest of his career. The guy really plays very good football. Even though the Bears defense is still performing well, they know they can not hold it back completely. They need help. Often, the best way is to keep it confined to the bench.

This means long journeys by the offense. Something that has been rare for the Bears offensive all season long. That means a strong commitment to the ground game, which head coach Matt Nagy has proven unreliable, as well as his ability to expand the discs through the 3rd conversion down quarter. Mitch Trubisky is not even in the top 20 in this regard. It is no wonder that Mack felt compelled to remind them of their responsibility to be better.

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