Sport Kévin Escoffier, happy 2nd in Bahia: "I had put...

Kévin Escoffier, happy 2nd in Bahia: "I had put a big pressure on myself" – Transat Jacques Vabre


A year away for his first Vendée Globe, the Malouin shone on the Transat Jacques Vabre with Nicolas Lunven at the helm of PRB (2nd). A ten-year-old boat that has held the top of the foilers of last generation.

Interviewed in Salvador de Bahia,

Contract filled

"I put a lot of pressure on myself because it was my first regatta as a PRB skipper and I wanted to do it right. The contract is filled. We arrive with a clean boat, we did not break anything, I'm very proud of it (…) We wanted to finish first boats not new. It is a superb success. PRB was recovered only six months ago. We worked very very hard. We had some speed to the unchained after the equator, it comes from the work done on the boat that still has potential for development. We did not do the perfect race. I tend to remember mistakes rather than things well but I'm very happy. "

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PRB, ten years old but still green

"There is still room for improvement. The program is that I can bring the boat back alone next week. Then, we will have four months of construction to put the boat in configuration Vendée Globe. I think there are ways to make some small changes to the simple hull that can bring a little more performance. Sail plan modifications too. The boat is very versatile. We saw that he was also very fast to the unbridled. I am going to make these changes this winter to arrive at the Vendée Globe with the most efficient boat possible. But it starts from an extremely healthy and versatile base. From Le Havre up close we are doing great for a foiler. Downwind we do not lose much compared to new boats. On the other hand, it is certain that when reaching you can not do anything about it. But around that there is a way to play, to make a beautiful regatta. We made a good result but the bottom line is that we were in contact and we had fun. If you do not have a boat that can perform well enough to be a racer, it's very frustrating. There, we arrive without being frustrated. "

"Sailing is a super thankless sport"

The finish with the knife against Charal, 3rd to six minutes

"We had the chance to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race on Dongfeng with Jérémie (Beyou), it reminded me of two-three finish of stage where it was a little in contact like that. Except that on Dongfeng there was Pascal Bidégorry and Charles Caudrelier who put pressure (laughs). There, we are the ones who put it to us. We would all like to arrive 200 miles ahead, a bit like the "yellow and white" Yann Elies and Charlie Dalin, to be quiet. But this is rarely the case. The final is all the more tasty. That makes the most beautiful memories and the most beautiful arrivals. "

Sailing, a thankless sport

"Charal had a very good speed, mainly due to the boat but also because Jeremie and Christopher (Pratt) sailed very well, before being stuck in the Doldrums. It reminds us that sailing is a super thankless sport. You can be good and fast, you can pass and lose everything. "

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