News Johnathan Thurston wonders if Latrell Mitchell should leave the...

Johnathan Thurston wonders if Latrell Mitchell should leave the roosters


Legend John Rugby, a legend from the rugby class, has warned Latrell Mitchell while the young center is undergoing a much published contract saga.

According to a courier mail report, Mitchell is said to be serious about moving to the Cowboys from the 2021 season.

Despite the potential move of the young star to the former Thurston team, the North Queensland legend asked whether Mitchell would find the same success at another club as he had achieved with the roosters.

"When I did contract denials, you stay home for less money," Thurston told 9News.

"You want a good team around you and that is what we had to do.

"Of course teams and clubs will throw money at him the way they are, but will he have the same success as at the Roosters? That remains to be seen."

Cronulla legend Paul Gallen took a similar stance to his Origin rival.

Looking at the roosters' success, Gallen Mitchell warned if "that extra $ 200,000" is worth it considering the risk of missing the final football.

"Let's face it, the roosters average a grand finale every two years," Gallen said.

"He will play semi-finals football with the roosters every year.

"If he goes somewhere else for that extra $ 200,000, he might not play a semi-final football

"But if that will make him happy and play well, good for him.

"Once he matures a little bit more and stops going in and out of games and becomes a more consistent player, he's one of the most important players in the game."


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