Jake Burton was the father of snowboarding

es is a snowboarding message: Jake Burton died of cancer at the age of 65 on Thursday. The American, it is commonly said, invented the snowboard in the 1970s. Whether that's true, or if he was just one of several pioneers who constructed the new sports equipment does not matter. Even if he was not the sole inventor of the snowboard, he was undoubtedly the father of snowboarding; the man who created a new sport and with glowing passion turned it into a wild, unbridled lifestyle discipline – and then led it into the mainstream.

Michael Eder

In the beginning, when no ski resort welcomed the chaotic boarders who developed their sport from the philosophy and driving skills of skateboarding, Burton wandered through America to sell planks from the trunk of his delivery van. Every deal was a triumph. Burton's Elan, his unbreakable belief that this sports equipment would become a youthful-fresh alternative to skiing, had been severely tested for years, but gradually his vision came true. Skiing was in a phase of stagnation, more and more young people were enthusiastic about the cool snowboarding.

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