News It quickly releases the lads in a heavy battle...

It quickly releases the lads in a heavy battle on the supremacy


The jets are worse than the tankering dolphins but they are better than the estimated urgent roosts.

This idea has been exposed by the NFL for the past two weeks.

Cue the fire five alarms for Pat Shurmur and the Giants and relief for Adam Gase and the Jets, who were in the conversation for the worst NFL team after duds last few weeks. The Giants answered Sunday: Keep my football.

Daniel Jones focused on Sam Darnold in the box box but the Jets 34-27 team won more at their shared town of MetLife Stadium. to the sixth direct loss.

Things went so bad for the Giants (2-8) and they had to spend a pound for less than three minutes and there was no timetable left because it was fourth and 19 out of their own 3-yard line. It will create six fat despair.

Saquon Barkley made 13 times for 1 yard, and LeVeon Bell looked as a hero compared to 18 who carried 34 yards and a worried town. The Jets (2-8) scored the final 13 points.

The lead changed the hands twice in the second half, with the Jets leading lead 21-13 through 14 consecutive points let and the Giants blowing lead 27-21 through the other 13 to give up on three direct series.

Jones spent 294 yards and, for the second time in eight careers, he spent four. The first two went to Darius Slayton, the next to Golden Tate.

Jordan Jenkins is a violation of Daniel Jones
Jordan Jenkins is a violation of Daniel JonesPost: Charles Wenzelberg

The fourth quarter of 22 years of age had serious questions about the security of balls, but only Jones did the same. He broke twice when Barkley offered no help in passport protection, and Darnold played a much needed net game, with a trip pass, a trip run and 230 yards going.

Jamal Adams actually met over Barkley and ripped the ball out of Jones's hands and put her back to a house less than a minute into the second half. Seven weeks after high ankle sprain have you and a game back in action fourth, Barkley boundaries are clear.

Seven came to 7:36 to play at the Jets but the Giants had three other holdings with a chance to get a tie. Two had two dots and one was lost when the only hope was with a lateral miracle.

The first half was about two different quarters.

Guided the 14-0 Jets with advantages of 121-2 in yards and 9-1 in the first downs at the end of the first one. The Giants responded with two worrying drives in the second, turning the script with 105-4 edges in a courtyard and 7-1 in the first downs.

The difference between the separation teams – and the Giants being placed in a single-point hole – was a botched PAT by the Giants because of a bad snap. Holder Riley Dixon, who was very popular with the trade, spent an incomplete pass.

How big was the point at that point? He urged the Giants to go for conversion two points to try to score equal to 11:51 to go in the third quarter.

Tate, who got a score on landing on a catch and run 61-yard, was added to cause the offensive passport, and two points from the board. Aldrick lost Rosas from 43 yards – he lost the third direct game with a lost PAT – after the penalty yard has been implemented.

The Giants played most of the game without three injured beginners line offensive – inactive Jon Halapio and tackled with Mike Remmers, who went left with Nate Solder (concussion) later. Tackling him, Nick Gates made his first NFL debut and Eric Smith made his first NFL.

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