In sweeping the WCAC, St John creates a strong national schedule

Quarterback Sol-Jay Maiava took knee, and Jarrett began dancing when the 32-28 victory was finished.

This is what he accepted the Washington Athletic Competition to win: a late rally to beat the Good Counsel; not only, but two stops near the final zone to DeMatha to dissolve; and then Saturday's last magical action Saturday in the Catholic University. No. 3 St. John (6-4) back to beat No. 1 Gonzaga (8-2) struck, having traced 14-0 in the first half and 28-17 in the second.

Saint John set up a WCAC playoff game at home against DeMatha next Saturday. Gonzaga will be playing at Good Counsel Friday night.

The Pupils now have an insurmountable confidence. They were behind two backs before they went up the first Saturday down. They came back back in 5:43, and then had to repeat it when Caleb Williams, who was racing Gonzaga twice, refused to leave.

There was a total of 2.33 in St. John's, the only 2:33 was there. On the third and seven near the center of the field, Maiava turned pass to Colby McDonald to run back into the apartment. McDonald saw the linebacker on the inside inside and hit him with a cut on the sideline, and he was in the last zone in advance.

In terms of how this team went from another dramatic victory, this bleak non-concentration schedule came again.

“He sent us up for nothing,” said McDonald. “… I think we're impressed with this.”

“I'm not saying we're amazing,” he said. “I am just saying that we are resilient.”

In this series, this year, this could be enough to meet the next challenge, and to call the WCAC again. Gonzaga will playback on his classic five overtime against Good Counsel, a 42-35 loss, and the DeMatha Pupil must be removed for a second time in 15 days. This, after both teams devoted themselves to finding a way to win the competition game.

If you're lucky, they could get a relaunch.

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