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In any case, Herbert Hainer will get a new desk, because Uli Hoeneß takes the old one with him; he is a gift from his wife. Even otherwise, Hainer will have new furniture purchased for the president's office of FC Bayern. "First, I have to be elected," he says, which of course there is no doubt. When the members' meeting on Friday evening, as expected, emotionally adopted Uli Hoeneß and promoted the former Adidas boss Hainer to the new president, which originated in a car ride almost exactly a year ago.

Together, both were on the way to the game of Bayern basketball go when Hoeneß seemed to know casually, if Hainer could imagine a greater commitment in the club. He always likes to help whenever he can, answered Hainer. Whereupon Hoeness stated that he was thinking of the presidency, of his direct succession. "I was totally surprised," says Hainer, "on the one hand, because I had never expected it, on the other, because I know Bayern only with Uli Hoeneß and thought he will remain president all his life."

Both come from butcher families

If he does not, instead, he governs his own succession, as many patriarchs do. With Hainer, 65, Hoeneß, 67, not only has a long friendship, but also a long business relationship. In it had the Bayern boss Hoeneß to do with the CEO of the FC Bayern shareholder, sponsor and supplier Adidas.

In addition, there are some similarities in both biographies. Both come from butcher families and helped in their parents' parental shop in their youth. Hoeneß in Ulm, Hainer in Dornwang in Lower Bavaria. Both of them have worked their way up to become leading actors in the sports world with great ambition. One as a professional footballer and club manager, the other rose (after many goals as a striker of the Dingolfing for the desired professional career was not enough) as a graduate in business management within ten years of the salesman for bags, balls, rackets to the board of the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world , Both are said to handshake quality: agreed is identified.

Bundesliga Against all the skeptics

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Against all the skeptics

Hasan Salihamidzic has proven himself in the field of tension of the Bavarian bosses. That he soon sports director, is in the sense of Hoeneß – but also helps Rummenigge.By Benedikt Warmbrunn

Your personal connection is tight. When, surprisingly, a daughter of Hainer died young, Hoeneß mourned with the family at the grave. When he had to go to prison, Hainer visited him as one of the first. Other top managers would have pressed for corporate reasons for this visit.

Since leaving Adidas in 2016, Hainer has spent his time golfing, jogging and fitness training, helping out with his daughter's horse stud and taking various supervisory board mandates, including at Lufthansa and Allianz. As a supervisory board beyond FC Bayern, he wants to step down from now on in view of the new presidential post in the club. He has prepared himself specifically for the new office. One or two days a week he met at Säbener Strasse with employees or with the department heads of other divisions. "Bayern is not just football," stresses Hainer.

Four months after the car trip, in March, Hainer accepted the offer. "I'm a sports madman, a football fanatic, and I love and admire this club for how it has developed over decades," explains Hainer – so much public emotion is rarely with him.

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