Football FOOTBALL: AC Amiens can feed regrets

FOOTBALL: AC Amiens can feed regrets


Facing 10 minutes from the end and superior in the game to their opponent of the day, the Amiens have yet cracked and conceded the draw.

The Amiens were lighting the first wick when the corner of Charly Rosso forced Atrous, the Beauvais doorman, to the parade (3 '). But overall, the beginning of the game was more like an observation round than an unbridled game. If the Amiens were then frightened leaving the Beauvaisiens a little too much play in their surface to conclude on a hit over Mauquit (4 ') and if they were not dangerous, the visitors were also relatively harmless .

However, after a good ball in the depth poorly managed by the defense, Banaziak was alone against Digbeu, grabbed his foot and thus caused a penalty that allowed the Isariens to open the score by Mayenga who did not shake (23 ', 0-1). This opening of the score finally launched the game and the Amiens then took control little by little.

A logical equalization

The first attempts, however, did not worry Atrous, Rosso knocking too soft after the deviation in a touch of Slidja (26 ') and Samb being countered after having been at the reception of a good center in withdrawal of Lebrun launched by Dilemfu (30'). '). In the same way, Siradjidini's very good split alongside Samb did not allow Dilemfu to win again, just ahead of a defender who pushed back in a corner (34 '). However, it was only part of the game since on the corner, Dilemfu just took the ball and his shot, whatever deviated, entered the goal and allowed the Amiens to return logically near Beauvais (35 ', 1-1).

The score could have been to the advantage of AC Amiens at the break. Indeed, they were once again getting a very big opportunity soon after the equalization. Matondo launched perfectly Lebrun who served Samb in front of him. The latter then found Dilemfu whose strike was repulsed by Atrous. The Amiens who had followed well did not manage either to deceive the goalkeeper Beauvais (38 ').

Amiens dominates and marks

The second period went under the same auspices for AC Amiens. But again, it began with inaccuracies, Slidja missing his shot after a nice move where Samb served him perfectly in the area (47 ') and Dilemfu missing the frame by placing his head on free-kick (59') '). Finally, after a touch near the corner post, Martinez served Slidja at the penalty spot that did not hesitate and, with a uncrossed shot, trumped Atrous (64 ', 2-1).

The Amiens did not give up the case and continued to push to make the hole. And after a center-shot Lebrun captured by Atrous (68 '), they finally had the opportunity. Indeed, after a magnificent combination with Lebrun on the right side, Slidja crossed for Dilemfu, in the confusion of the defensive return, a Beauvaisian touched the ball with his hand and the referee indicated the penalty spot. But Dilemfu propelled the ball clearly above (71 ').

Beauvais tries, Amiens cracks

But if the Amiens continued to push to take off, their time seemed past. Despite more ease in the game, the few situations that followed were rather Beauvaisiennes, though not dangerous (73 ', 77', 82 '). And while the visitors seemed to be able to be dangerous only on set kick, arrived what was to happen: a shot of pool on corner allowed Diedhiou, a little too alone at the entrance of the 6 meters, to crucify Banaziak (83 ', 2-2).

The Amiens could still keep pushing, it no longer worried the defense Beauvaisienne and the game ended on a last header Martinez safe for Atrous (90 '+ 3). AC Amiens therefore lacked a bit of control to win a match that she has had several times the opportunity to knock out. The Azouz Hamdane players are still sailing in dangerous waters, to a tenth provisional place, until all the pursuers recover their game (s) late.

AC Amiens – Beauvais : 2-2 (1-1)

goals : Dilemfu (35 ') and Slidja (64') for Amiens; Mayenga (23 ') and Diedhiou (83') for Beauvais

Amiens : Banaziak – Martinez, Diarrassouba, Binet, Siradjidini – Rosso, Matondo – Lebrun, Dilemfu, Samb – Slidja

incoming : Lemarie, Villier

Morgan Thatched Cottage

Photo credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazettesports


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