«Despeinada», «Hang Loose» and «Rooster« won the third round of the IV Social Trophy at the Abra

Jose Capetillo




Not one of the most unpleasant weekends of the year in terms of weather prevented part of the Vizcayan cruise fleet from completing the third day of the IV Social Trophy, organized by the Royal Maritime Club of the Abra-Real Sporting Club. In the Regatta class, Carlos Maidagan's 'Despeinada' won the 10-mile test, on a lousy day with variable wind, ahead of José Luis Ribed's 'Tchin Tchin', of Mikel Emaldi's 'Maitena', of 'Rat Pack' by Javier Chávarri and the 'Symphony' by Javier Onaindia. Already in the Crucero I class, the leader 'Hang Loose' by Íñigo Axpe surpassed José Miguel Franco's 'Bacilón' for a minute and a half, and in more than two minutes Javier Trueba's 'Nexus' and the 'Kantarepe Iru' by Javier Sanchidrián. On the other hand, in the Cruise II class, Miguel Arriola's "Rooster" was full of triumphs. This test was valid for the IV Social Trophy, which is decided with the last day of next Saturday, November 16, and for the Master Orza & Modark Trophy.

The appointment of the J80 monotypes was canceled due to the bad weather of the weekend. The 'Biobizz' by José Azqueta and the 'J80 Worlds 2019 Getxo' by Nicolás Viar (both with 3 points) are leaders, followed by Ibon Basáñez's 'Jet Set', the 'Intenance-RDT' by Ander Etxabe, the 'Freus' by Christian Jáuregui, the 'Siemens-Gamesa' by Lourdes Bilbao and the 'Hib-Brut' by Juan Morocoa.

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