NFL Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold? Two former NFL QBs...

Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold? Two former NFL QBs weigh


Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones? Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold?

The quarterback's big debate on franchises in New York is in its infancy and is far too premature to be declared a winner.

This will not prevent Jets fans from defending Darnold's cause or Giants fans from defending Jones' cause. Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium, each respective fan base hopes to have more evidence to support its young quarterback.

Beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Some in the NFL will see the beauty of Darnold. Some will see Jones's beauty.

Dan Orlovsky, analyst at ESPN, sees beauty in Darnold.

"Sam has more flair in his incoachable arms, where he can do things under different arm angles and different foot platforms and make more difficult shots," Orlovsky told the Post. "He is a very precise player without perfect feet. This has always been a feature of his game.

"Daniel is probably a more refined quarterback. They are very different players, but both are precise players and it's the best physical tool of a quarterback.

"If they both have the same circumstances and you give them a blank slate, I'd take Sam Darnold because I can not find anyone to cause some of the things that he can do." .

CBS analyst Rich Gannon sees Jones' beauty.

To learn more about the giants, listen to the latest episode of the podcast "Blue Rush":

"I love him, I love his athleticism, I love his mobility, I think he's throwing a good ball," said Gannon, "I think you can see the #." The impact that David Cutcliffe [Duke's coach] had on him, not only mechanically but also mentally.This is a guy who clearly understands how to play the job.As his colleague in New York, he will understand better the issue of balloon security. "

Gannon's message to Giants fans?

"My message to them is to be patient," he said. "I think he's going to be a good player, really, once they continue to add the pieces around him."

A more balanced attack with fewer pass attempts would only benefit Jones.

"He must be in his twenties. But instead, they throw the ball 40 times in a game, and that's a lot, "said Gannon," you do not realize that the guys chasing you are not those of CCA. trained killers.They work daily on the extraction of bullets in practice. "
Jones showed that he had the right mix for the post and the New York market.

"What has impressed me the most is its resilience," Orlovsky said. "He can make a mistake and he comes back and it's like nothing has ever happened. He is a very advanced quarterback in what just happened. It's impressive for a young child in a difficult market where the team is not good. I do not find that groping is a problem that will hold him back. "

Orlovsky does not see Darnold's ability to improvise at Jones.

"Daniel is a good player until the plan collapses," Orlovsky said. "A plus B is sometimes not equal to C in the NFL. So when that happens, it's debated. When he was under pressure, he struggled. It's the same thing that was part of his academic game. But he plays in a bad football team. So, if I'm a fan of the Giants, I'm much more excited about the quarterback position than I might have thought seven months ago.

Gannon says the Jets have changed head coaches, the offensive line has too few pre-season practices and Le'Veon Bell is not playing.

"I thought they'd made a huge mistake during the pre-season," Gannon said. "When you evaluate this position, you must also evaluate what is going on around it.

"When you constantly remove a young player's rug from that position, you do not help him, you hurt him. This really delays his growth and development as a player. … It came to Alex Smith, to Derek Carr, he had five coordinators in six years. It's a dysfunctional way of developing a quarter.

To learn more about the Jets, listen to the latest episode of the Gang's All Here podcast:

"And then, the other thing is a guy who has shot the ball more than 37 times in 26 games at USC and he still has not figured out how to solve this problem.

"There must be a sense of urgency. We need to see an improvement from him in the second half of the season, particularly with regards to ball safety and decision-making. "

Gannon's eye, however, sees behind Darnold's beauty.

"He throws the ball pretty well, I think he's got good anticipation and accuracy, I think he's a smart guy, I think he's tenacious to him," said Gannon.

Jones has for the most part been a better decision-maker, but Orlovsky will gladly accept some of Darnold's decisions.

"Sometimes he's going to do a stupid thing," Orlovsky said. "But there will be 10 other pieces that make up for that stupid piece."

Orlovsky thinks that Darnold has been retained by Adam Gase.

"There are two teams in the NFL – talented teams and teams without talent," Orlovsky said. "If their teams without talent are losing, then you have to watch the coach and say," Are you doing enough to reduce this talent gap schematically? "And that does not happen."

Jets-Giants on Sunday. Darnold-Jones. Growing pains for two quarters of franchise. But enough hope for both franchises.


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