News Column: Nicholas Garcia, Crespi, is realizing soccer dreams

Column: Nicholas Garcia, Crespi, is realizing soccer dreams


His bags are packed and pass ready by Nicholas Garcia. The senior Encino Crespi is leaving November 17th for Madrid, where he must have a week showing his soccer skills after a special invitation to take part in an exhibition event because he was identified as a 17 year old child of his age. had the ability to become a professional athlete.

“I'm engaged in a lot of games, a lot of competitions,” said Garcia of 6 pounds, 175 pounds. “I'm doing day-to-day training, traveling to Bakersfield, San Diego, Irvine. My parents are sacrificing their time taking me.

“That is the reason I am. They always support me and tell me what to expect. Since I was 4 so far, it is a long long soccer playing it. It is a beautiful sport. ”

Garcia almost became to be named Protective Defense Mission Series last season. He received three out of seven votes, although his team finished the fifth one. His utility and hardship comes through playing on defense.

“I love to contact,” he said. “Defense is my position. I love being as one from the back. ”

He played high school football for three years, which helped his strength and hardship. Crespi does not start his soccer season until next month, and Garcia figures to be among the best in Southern Division.

Garcia, who starts for the fourth consecutive season, has taken high school soccer at a time when the pay-to-play era in the soccer club has not been proven successfully as a result of developing top players in the United States.

He started in AYSO and played soccer club, but he didn't work with the team of the Soccer Development Academy which many players choose to do elite.

“High school is a different environment and a different kind of soccer,” he said.

Apart from the financial commitment, Garcia said that you must decide whether it is worth 15 minutes to play an Academy team against playing 90 minutes on another team. In fact, he said that a coach of the Academy did not think it was good enough, so high school was the best option. Now attracting interest from professional staff, it has the opportunity to make a greater impact.

“If I could do it as a pro, you would really be a role model for the other children, showing them that there is a chance if you play high school,” he said.

Garcia said that his father, who grew up in Mexico, gave him soccer. He said that football had helped tackle an American game by improving strength, speed and fitness.

“The kid is kind of trying to play sport every season,” coach Crespi Andrew Wright said. “It's very resilient. He is brave. From the first day I met him, he wanted more than what we offered him. Nicholas is a soccer child in this American sporting culture. He made his talents in other sports but now he is devoted himself. It stands out. ”

At a national exhibition sponsored by Alianza of Futbol HispanoA group that promotes Hispanic soccer development in the US, Garcia was chosen to travel to Madrid and was given the opportunity to try out five professional teams, including the Galaxy.

Garcia has good grades, she is bilingual and, most importantly, developed the kind of character and commitment that will bring about the occasions and downs associated with trying to fulfill her sporting dreams.

“Soccer helped me to build my character,” he said.

When he returns from Spain, he will be ready to help Crespi become one of the best soccer teams in the Mission Series.

Garcia's soccer tour is just starting, and many people have been going to it in recent years.


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