Cervera overflows in the celebration of Marc and Àlex Márquez

Cervera He has lived this Saturday one of the most memorable days in its history and, in addition, twice with his neighbors Marc Márquez, world hexacampeón of Moto GP, title that has added for the fourth consecutive year, and Àlex Márquez, world champion of Moto2 in his fifth season in the category.

All forecasts overflowed in the small population of 9,000 inhabitants, who saw how more than 10,000 visitors attended the exhibition of the Márquez brothers and waited until seven in the afternoon to follow the tour of the tribute caravan.


The vehicle in which the champions traveled, red and blue (those of both teams) with the number of Marc, 93, that of Àlex, 73, and that had a great legend “Champion Brothers” On both sides, it took an hour to travel a journey of just 300 meters from the University Square to Pius XII Square, where a large stage and two giant screens were mounted.

During the tour, half a hundred motorcycles accompanied the vehicle of the champions, and fans of all ages, many from the balconies, adorned with red banners with Marc's 93 and blues with 73 of his brother Àlex, who corresponded to them from the vehicle.

The Pius XII square and its surroundings were bursting with thousands of fans who, despite the low temperature (7ºC), waited patiently for several hours, savoring a live music performance, the arrival of Marc, Àlex and the members of their teams that accompanied them.

The champions gave improvised speeches to the fans, who responded with chants and cheers

On the stage, half red and blue, the champions gave impromptu speeches to the fans, who responded with chants and cheers. Alex told them: "In 2014 I said that this was impossible to repeat and to be here again, both of us are incredible."

Together with them their parents left, Roser, with a t-shirt with the colors red and blue, and Julià, and his uncle Ramón the 'brain' of the tribute. In a row the teams of both runners entered, which were presented one by one by the two pilots and with Marc as master of ceremonies, whom Àlex later joined, encouraged the public and made him raise both open hands to point out the ten titles that accumulate between him and his brother.

Then he made the two teams keep Emilio Alzamora, the manager of both. Then a video reviewed Marc's career this year, in which he has broken records. Àlex told anecdotes of his careers and, after projecting a video with his performance in 2019, he ended up on his shoulders by his team. At about 9.30 pm, the two brothers and their teams said goodbye to the fans while launching a large fireworks castle.

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