Bundesliga: Frankfurt player runs Freiburg coach to the ground

With 1: 0 the sports club Freiburg wrestled on Sunday Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. But the result came in the end to the minor matter. Because in stoppage time there was a most unpleasant action: Frankfurt captain David Abraham ran at full speed in the direction of the outside line to get a dropped ball. While doing so, he checked out the full-blown Freiburg coach Christian Streich in the way.

The reckless action triggered a fierce pack formation. Substitutes and supervisors jumped out of the Freiburger Bank outraged. It came to wild scuffles. At the end saw not only David Abraham the red card, but also Freiburg substitute Vincenzo Grifo, who had caught the culprit as a revenge action in the face – the latter received the red card, by the way, only after intervention of the video referee.

That says Christian Streich

Christian Streich, who apparently survived the attack unharmed, was surprisingly prepared after the game. Abraham was just a "very emotional type", probably burned the backups, Streich explained. And tried to smooth the waves: "Down, football is a fighting game, that was now in the wrong place."

Shortly after, Sky reporter Jessica Libbertz reported that Streich and Abraham had hugged each other in the cabin section and eliminated the issue "among men". At the press conference after the match Streich confirmed that Frankfurt had apologized to him. An epilogue should have the whole thing but for Abraham in any case. Hard to believe that he will get away without a longer suspension.

The atmosphere in Freiburg had heated up during the game. The Frankfurt had already suffered a dismissal in injury time in the first half. An initially given penalty for Frankfurt took referee Felix Brych according to the video images back. Freiburg jumped through the win on the 4th place in the table, while Frankfurt is stuck in 9th place.

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