Bruce El-mesmari Sangochian, the family that separated the war and joined football

Bruce El-mesmari Sangochian is not alone in Brazil. The family of the Mexican U17 midfielder left Europe more than a century ago, fled to America, to divide between Mexico and the South American country. The lineage that was separated by the war will now meet again thanks to football.

"My parents, my sisters, my grandfather, my mother's sister, my stepfather's brothers and everyone who lives in Brazil are going to get together, they all know each other but for the first time we will meet in one place," he says Bruce El-mesmari a ESPN Digital. “They rented a very large house and this time it will be an adventure for the family. Two years ago, in December, we tried to get all together, but some were missing, now we hope it is possible, ”says the midfielder of the Mexican team U17.

Armenians say that throughout the world, every time you pick up a stone, you will find one of his countrymen, because they were always fleeing the massacres, the persecution of the Ottoman Empire or left their lands for fear of the Turkish dictatorship. The saying is true if you take into account that even in the Mexican National Team U17 there is a survivor of that race and in Brazil there is another group that hopes to see the Tricolor player triumph in the World Cup in the category.

“My grandfather was born in Mexico, those who came were his mother and father, they came from Armenia because of the Armenian genocide. First they thought about staying in the United States and ended up staying in Mexico, ”explains the player who debuted in the U17 World Cup in the second half against Paraguay.

Bruce's family crossed the Atlantic Ocean thinking about the American dream, but in the United States he changed his mind and split, some left for Mexico and others decided to look for an opportunity in Brazil.

"In Brazil, my grandfather's stepsister lives, we get along very well with her whole family, the wives of my aunts and her children."

The war separated them more than a century ago, football unites them in the U17 World Cup in Brazil.

“Everyone asks me, they see me and they say that I am not Mexican, but I am 100 percent Mexican. I do not have doubts".


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