Borussia Dortmund: Mats Hummels disassembles his own team – Bundesliga

75 minutes he saved the BVB with a good positional game before a swatter – but then went Mats Hummels (30 / BILD note 5) in his 0: 4 return to Munich.

And after the final whistle went Dortmund's replacement captain in the merciless analysis.

Hummels: "It is a sign for us that we ourselves are not a top troupe. We can be one – on our good days. But it is also an absolute top team on bad days. "

"No top troupe" – Hummels disassembles his own team!

With good reason! The Favre troop caught a raven-black day in the Giant Summit, went down mercilessly. Hummels, who even lost an own goal at 0: 4, explains the reasons for the debacle: "If I have to confine myself to one thing, it's this attitude. Hold against it when the opponent is physically fully there. "

Frightening: The BVB won only 43% of the duels, fumbled several times in front of the opponents, also had a frightening high Fehlpass rate of 17.1% (Bayern: 11.7).

But what has to change to make it better again? Hummels: "Knowing that it is so and must be harder on ourselves."

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