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In the absence of former Stuttgart and Barça professionals, the most famous player of the next DFB opponent is a man from Krasnodar. Maradona also did not revive Belarusian football.

A remarkable revolution is imminent in Belarus football. Since 2006, it was common that in the fight for the national championship always a club called Bate Borissov prevailed. But now this impressive series is obviously over. If everything goes as expected in the coming weeks, the next champion – Belarus league plays after the calendar year – will not be Bate Borissov, but Dinamo Brest, an unusual club from the west of the country.

The money for his rise came from a company in the United Arab Emirates. For the public relations the Miss of Belarus is responsible of 2008. Again and again, there are a few PR gags, and last year Dinamo even managed to oblige the great Diego Maradona for a diffuse defined function in the club top. There was a bizarre welcome day for the Argentine, including a ride in the open military jeep through the city, but too often Maradona was not spotted in Brest afterwards.

They are as glamorous as the designated champion in the national team of Belarus, on Saturday next German opponent in the European Championship qualifiers, but far away. Not even the one prominent name that stood out in their team for almost two decades is still in their ranks. Attacking player Alexander Hleb (formerly FC Barcelona and VfB Stuttgart, among others) is still active as a footballer as a 38-year-old, currently in the service of the club FK Islotsch near the Belarusian capital Minsk. But he does not play for the national team at the moment.

Even for the home game of the Belarusians against the DFB-Elf in June invited him then coach Igor Krijuschenko no longer. And the fact that Belarus' association replaced Krijuschenko with Mikhail Marchel a little later did not change anything. If it gets something with the qualification for the EM 2020, he brings back Hleb, joked Marchel already.

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