News As a result of the NFL rules in favor...

As a result of the NFL rules in favor of a quarter-back, there are fewer interventions


The Oakland Raiders were pulled through rivers River out of the sky on Thursday night in. T 26-24 victory over the Bears.

Not only was it a bad night for Rivers, but it happened more often than ever in the NFL, when interception only takes place at the rate they once did.

To put it into perspective, there were 12 interventions across the league in Week 9, and according to ESPN it is the lowest per week with at least seven games since 1936. % of total picking scores of the previous week.

There is a nice line correlation between interference and lost team records. For example, from the eight main quarters that choose this season, there is only one – Dak Prescott (eight) of Dallas Cowboys – playing a team with a winning record at present.

The series is led by Baker Mayfield of Cleveland and Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay with 12 intercepts, and the Browns and Buccaneers 2-6.

On the other hand, the list of regular beginners with the lowest number of interventions is in fourth-quarter outbreaks: Russell Wilson (head) Seattle, Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City (one), Aaron Rodgers (three) Green Bay, Kirk Cousins ​​(three) Minnesota, Indianapolis Jacoby Brissett (three)… and Mitch Trubisky (three) Chicago (three) is the only exception, and Titans 3-5 are the bears with bad practice them.

San Francisco 49ers had a statistic statistic last season. Their defense ended the year with two interceptions – no corners – the record number of staff recorded in one season. The seven take-aways were the smallest ever, also worse than the Baltimore Colts 1982 (11) – and arrived in the shortened season of strike.

This was not entirely about the transformation of the 49s. Football has changed, and the safeguards are under pressure from rules aimed at protecting backup and unprotected receivers.

In a text response to why the interception was omitted, Richard Sherman, back-up of All-Pro for the 49ers, wrote: “The series is making hard. It is harder to hit the QB, so fewer passports are rare. Everyone must be careful not to touch them in the head or in the ground or to hit their feet. Before these rules, QBs would still be contested and worn, so they would not be as accurate. ”

There had always been bad interventions, but the word they had dirty was not always. Many major outbreaks during their careers were dominated by large peaks, when the windows were smaller and more risks seemed to have occurred to people who had to grow them into hard places.

In fact, of the 10 quarters of which the greatest career interventions are, there are six in the Hall of Fame: Brett Favre (336), George Blanda (277), Fran Tarkenton (266), Johnny Unitas (253), Dan Marino. (252) and YA Tittle (248). And there will be seventh in that list – Peyton Manning (251) – covered in an early Column.

Quarterback Hall Of Fame Troy Aikman, analyst Fox now, agrees with Sherman's hypothesis.

“I think the biggest reason for interventions has been down for some time now that the fourth courtesy is not worrying that my generation, and those before me, were worried about it,” said Aikman. “I see things on the film when I like it, 'I intend to get rid of me.' And they're not worth it. I mean they have three identities and draw up because they don't want to punish them. So, he buys a fourth reserve but more than the other half to see things.

“On the other hand, defenders are afraid to make plays on balls, or contested balls, how they did once, for fear of being punished.

“With all that, it is much harder for these prayers to be able to make plays on the ball. no chance. The quarters will come with you alone. ”

New York Jback linebacker giants guard Nick Gates battle for standing during preseason game August 8 at MetLife Stadium.

Linebacker left New York jets Tarell Basham, and guard New York Giants battle Nick Gates to stand during pre-taxed game August 8 at MetLife Stadium.

(Elsa Garrison / Getty Images)

Green jerseys, blue tongue – Giants and Jets of New York will be playing each other Sunday in their 14th regular seasons meeting ever.

Brian Saxton, who was at the end with Giants, gave up his growing up to Jets games at Shea Stadium and the Meadowlands later, taking on the different fans bases:

“With the Giants, I felt it was an older crowd, a quieter crowd,” he said. “The stadium was not interfering with the way it was at Jets games.

“As a child going to Jets games, I always learned a few new words every time I went.”


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