NFL Antonio Brown says he's done with the NFL, then...

Antonio Brown says he's done with the NFL, then changes his mind before meeting the league.


Receiver General Antonio Brown is scheduled to meet with NFL investigators next week, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The meeting between Brown and the league representatives is scheduled to take place next Thursday, according to this person, who requested anonymity because the NFL has made no official announcement regarding the interview.

The league is "not even ready" to comment on Brown's player status, he said, adding that NFL investigators would likely follow Brown's statements and perhaps other interviews with other witnesses.

The NFL declined to comment by a spokesman. The first meeting next week has been reported by ESPN.

Brown said Thursday in an article published on social networks that he had been treated unfairly by the league, but then reversed the trend in another public message.

"Imagine that you are complying with a system that gives 100% the privilege of seeing them treat me that way. . . unfairly! "First wrote Brown on Twitter. "Make money with my sweat and my blood."

Brown also used blasphemies to write that he would never play in the NFL. He wrote that the league "treats blacks of the worst!" And declared that he was looking to "(c) learn my name."

Thursday afternoon, Brown had resumed his previous comments.

"I'm just very frustrated right now by the false allegations and slander in my name," he tweeted. "I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I am very emotional about it. I am determined to return to the NFL as soon as possible (.) "

The league investigated allegations of rape, sexual assault and sent threatening SMS against Brown by two women. He risks disciplinary action by the NFL under his personal conduct policy.

The league also announced when Brown was released by the New England Patriots in September that he would consider putting him on paid administrative leave by placing him on the commissioner's exemption list if he was signed by a team. If he is on this list, Brown would be paid by his team but would not be eligible to participate in training or attending games.

This list is designed to be used until the NFL makes a decision regarding a possible suspension without pay under the Personal Conduct Policy. There has been speculation that several teams would be interested in Brown's signature once his player status is resolved.

He was charged with rape and sexual assault as part of a lawsuit brought by a former college mate who was working for him as coach, Britney Taylor. Brown denied the allegations through the intermediary of his lawyer and was not charged with a crime.

Another woman accused Brown of sending threatening text messages. This woman stated that Brown had hired her to paint a mural at home but had cut off all contact with her after ignoring her unwanted sexual advance.

Brown played in a match for the Patriots, who signed it after his release by the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders got Brown as part of an off-season deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but released him at Brown's request just before the season after a series of incidents.

He missed time because of foot injuries during a cryotherapy treatment and two unsuccessful grievances against the NFL wishing to be allowed to wear a helmet, which did not meet the safety standards of the NFL. league. He was also fined by the Raiders for a verbal confrontation in the field with GM Mike Mayock.

Brown filed grievances to try to force the Raiders and Patriots to pay him nearly $ 40 million, held by the teams because of his conduct, under the terms of his contracts.


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