Anthony Davis makes an impact on LeBron James even when he sits

Anthony Davis's value to the Lakers was not as clear as it was on Wednesday night at the Staples Center.

And Davis did not play a minute.

In a game he spent limited to the line in street clothes, his influence was seen in LeBron James.

Specifically, how youthful Séamas looked almost 35 years of age on the second Lakers' game in nights.

When Davis 's troubled right shoulder set aside, James played as the team' s only superstar. Victory 120-94 over the remains of the Golden State warriors.

Because it was.

James was dominant from the start of the game to the final minutes of the third quarter, when he left the landslide victory with 23 points, 12 and six help in 26 minutes.

Every time James pushed the basketball up in court, every time he made an attack on the edge, what had come to light was what Davis raised the burden on his shoulder on a night basis .

“When I was absent, I had to pick up the burden vexatiously,” said James.

It is clear that James can be his own version of which he can control a whole game. He chose not to be as that player.

Davis, who led the Lakers with scored at 26.3 points per game, gave freedom to James.

With Davis acting as the team's main aggressive choice, especially in early games, James is free to let the game come to him. It can still take games, but for the most part such sovereign periods are limited to time-blasting carefully.

The case called on Wednesday to change the approach.

Davis was held out of the game, which was a second time by the team. Davis hurt his ribs in the Phoenix win Tuesday night. He was also dealing with a persistent illness in his right shoulder.

Said Frank Vogel, who said he was expecting Davis to be available Friday against the Sacramento Kings, he was not familiar with the details of the decision that Davis was not playing.

“This is a conversation between himself and the medical staff,” said Vogel. “I'm left out of it. They decide if it is a situation where it would be beneficial to have a night, leave that shoulder or manage that shoulder. This is one of these cases. ”

Whatever went into the decision, James accepted the implications.

“It was great early, really the whole night,” Vogel said.

This time, James didn't let him play for him. He put himself in the game. And there was nothing there that the worst team in the NBA could do to stop it.

Séamas made seven screens and scored 11 points in the open quarter. He had four assistants and two rebound. He also steal.

“Just trying to set the tone early in the game and see if my shot was going in,” James said. “He was aggressive on that side.

The Lakers formed 69.6% of their shots in the quarter to lead 38-26.

The start was crucial.

The Lakers were playing the previous night. Their opponents on this night were the latest heroes. With Kevin Durant injured departing in the season, Klay Thompson is recovering from a knee operation and taking a brief hand from Stephen Curry, the Warriors were like a G-League team with a few guest-players in Draymond Green and D & # 39: Angelo Russell.

“Coming back to back, it's very easy to get into the style stage or feel tired,” said James. “So let the group know that I wasn't (tired) and see if they were going to do that.

Highlights Lakers vs. heroes

Vogel appreciated the example James set out.

“Everyone else followed the lead and really competed,” said Vogel. “We know that there is an unmanned Golden State team, but you need to go out and play with energy and exercise. LeBron set the tone for the whole team. ”

James asked why he often plays well in the second of the back-back games, “Because we're not turning.”

He broke his protein shaking and smiled it.

“I can sleep in,” he said.

James had 19 points and helps half in the first half, and at that point the Lakers were ahead of 67-55. It emerged from a half-hour distributor, helping to register six in the third quarter.

And the Lakers are taking 98-82 into the fourth quarter, James stayed on the bench for the final period.

When James was compared this night with others, it was estimated how much he saved each night. Production was part of production.

Overall performance was also a likely sign for the future. As long as Davis returns to continue the offense, this is how John should look in the job season.

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