News The dilemma with Jacob Markstrom

The dilemma with Jacob Markstrom


The Vancouver Canucks are a much improved team this season and much of their strength lies between the pipes. Can they manage this duo from now on?

Jacob Markstrom is all that the Vancouver Canucks have needed in recent seasons and more.

He recorded a .912 savings rate in each of the last two seasons and seemed to reinforce the weak roster in calling team conversations. Markstrom, however, had a rocky development so far and played parts of seven seasons with performances that did not meet the expectations set for him.

It seems that an important catalyst for this rapid and sudden development is the custody of coach Goalending, Ian Clark. Regardless of the results that can be concluded when reading this article, we can all agree that maintaining the services of Ian Clark is essential for the Canucks.

Dilemma No. 1

At the age of 29, Markstrom is in the last year of his contract. After back to back seasons with strong outings together with heavy workloads, it seems that he is ready for an increase.

Many people have suggested that if the Canucks could sign him in the short term, this would not worry, but why would Markstrom at his age be willing to gamble in the short term?

His agent will claim that he has proven that he is a No. 1 goalkeeper and that he is right. He will also claim that Markstrom has maintained an indefatigable workload that occurs in 60 games in both previous seasons, he is also right here.

Needless to say, he will try to cash in his last big contract before being considered from his first years. The problem with that is that Thatcher Demko is taken care of to be the goal of the franchise's future

At the age of 24, Demko seems to surpass what Markstrom was at the age of 27 in terms of development. It is early, yes, but Demko is ready for a heavier workload. Maybe not the entire load, but a heavier one.

He has proven that he doesn't seem out of place at all in the NHL. Demko has two years on his current contract before he becomes an RFA, so under normal circumstances this is not much in this situation. Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances.


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