News Swimming, king sport?

Swimming, king sport?


Swimming, in any of its modalities, is the sport activity that is most practiced in the world, although it is not the one that issues the most licenses or the one that generates the most popular expectations. But, if you think about it, it is logical: it is a sport that can be practiced alone or in company, it does not cause injuries, it does not demand large investments in individual equipment, it is good to keep fit and the technical progression is usually fast. In addition, it is suitable for all ages and, from the extension of the indoor pool, to all climates. Against him, it can be very boring. Therefore, if we talk about regulated sports, "the king" is still football, both for the number of practitioners – here include Sunday pachangas among friends -, for the number of federative licenses, for the number of clubs and for the passion that awakens among its spectators, who are legion throughout the world. In fact, football is the sports show par excellence in 85 countries.



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