Rams Gerald Everett gets the; Dirty Bird in Atlanta

It was safer and closer to Rams the firm end of Gerald Everett.

Atlanta built inland landing pass Sunday 37-10 of Rams beyond the Atlanta Advocates at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Everett felt much better than the result pSuper Bowl 13-3 defeat The Rams suffered against New England's Patriots in the same venue in February.

Eight of Everett's courtyard in the third quarter led 20-3 to the Rams. To mark the occasion, it broke out the celebration of the last zone of “Dirty Bird” which was passed by former Browns who ran back Jamal Anderson in the late 1990s.

“This was specific to just here,” said Everett, who took four passes for 50 yards. “Something I always wanted to do in front of the home crowd.”

“I am glad I got the chance to do it.”

So Jared Goff was quarterback.

Everett was targeted on a team of 10 hours, seven times in the first half when the connection was out.

“I told him after the first two, I said, Dude ude, I don't care if we lost them but we're going to wear them wearing. And just be ready. ”“ Goff said.

Early in the third quarter, Goff Everett found for 33 yards of play that they just lost in the first half.

“To get back to it, there is a demonstration of their confidence in each other to communicate it and not to be influenced by previous circumstances,” said coach John McVay.

Four plays later, Everett took a five yard pass. This set the stage for a third pass which Everett took on the left before running into the last zone of his second landing of the season.

“You see the outcome of what happened when you obey Jared,” said Everett. “It's a great outbreak, and it's only the job of every receiver so that the fourth quarter looks good.

“That's all I'm trying to do.”

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