News Patrick Beverley Patrick's Clippers converts approaches to life and...

Patrick Beverley Patrick's Clippers converts approaches to life and the game


Patrick Beverley's mission each day is to read a book for at least 30 minutes to try to get his inner peace, to help control his behavior and to improve his leadership skills.

The guard of the summer cutters spent at home in Chicago working with their trainer, Jeff Pagliocca, and they both put the work on Beverley's game and his mental approach to his behavior on and off court.

Even with the clippers get transmission stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George during the summer, Beverley's role is not reduced as one of the team leaders.

In order to make a real impact on his colleagues, Beverley said he had to work on a “mind” in the summer. Reading the Bible and one of his favorite books, “The richest man Who has ever lived: Secrets to the Success, Wealth and Happiness of King Solomon,” helps him develop as a player and as a person.

“The more I grow as a man the more I grow,” said Beverley. “I read the Good Book, follow these rules, those laws [the Bible] and I know the best basketball player I will be. That's all I had. I get information. If I get information, then I can get information from everywhere else and it will be in my favor.

“The trainer stressed that I would do 30 minutes of reading every day and that this kind of way changed the way I look at things and how I behave and my behavior – delaying getting on and off. all that. I just want to go out of that. I read every day. It is mandatory. It's all mentally and that is all behavior, you know? ”

Beverley reported that it had 14 technical fouls last season, linked to the fifth largest in the NBA. So Beverley said, you can not continue.

It was faster to communicate the fine $ 25,000 the NBA opposed it last season kicking a basketball at a fan sitting in a court of Dallas from his mother to ridicule. It is something he does not want to happen again.

“My main thing this year is Jeff this year, iompar Behavior is good and good than behavior. “If you look at the people who were great, you didn't hear that they had trouble,” said Beverley. “You did not hear that they were [fifth] in the series in technical functions. It's not cool. I want to fix that. And if I decide my behavior, I think my game matures too. ”

Beverley and Pagliocca agreed that no data was too small – including how they trained the court, and how they tried to improve their behavior, including when critical. own. The data will show that Beverley says he is no longer a "wild and reckless man" on the court.

“There are certain obstacles that may occur during the season or things that were before him,” said Pagliocca, who runs Evolution Athletics, in a call to The Times. “How do you always deal with these things like a pro? How can you always be mature? How can you make sure you are always ready? And I think the conversations that we had, the mental training, are building that preparation. It was important to him that no stone was left unchanged.

“I always want to find ways to promote it as a person. I think he thinks more and considers himself, I think there is more growth. I think that is what we tried to focus on during the whole summer, to ensure that you are becoming more acute from the mental point of view, because the basketball I think I think will. How can you become the biggest player you can have? I think this comes very much to make sure you are growing and that you are transporting again. ”

In two or more seasons together, the Clippers Co Docters looked at Beverley bloom.

He looked at how the ancient 6-foot-1 game improved on the court, ranging from 7.6 points to erection, 3.8 and 5.0 rebounds and shooting helps 40.7% from the field and 39.7% from three-point range during regular 2018-19 seasons to average 9.8 points, 4.7 and 8.0 rebounds and 43% from the field assists and 43.3% range from three points during the playoffs against Golden State.

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More importantly, in the eyes of Rivers, Beverley has personal development, 31.

“I want it to be extremely great, not just on the floor. He really bought me a leadership role. Now there is another step, ”Rivers said. “The human stage is now there, and I think in the long run that it will also help its game. And he's doing that, without being more considerate, but a lot of things. I all feel it helps him as a person because he will be a much longer person than he will be a basketball player. ”

The Clippers gave Beverley a three-year, $ 40 million contract during the summer, leaving him unwittingly trying to understand the staff who showed faith.

So he wants to express their gratitude to them by showing better behavior and leadership.

“We know that Paul George, Kawhi [Leonard] and Lou [Williams] are our winners and we know that Paul and Kawhi are our leaders,” said Beverley. “So it is up to everyone else to understand their role and be in your best role. My role is different from Lou's role. But I'm going to make sure I'm on top of my role. I'm just trying to be amazing. I learned over the years that more matured as a man, the more my game comes to maturity and it goes down. ”


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